“Ghetto Superstar” Is A Kenny Rogers/Dolly Parton Song Written By The Bee Gees

Happy summertime, America! Happy America, summer.

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Gay Of Thrones And The TV Recap Revolution

I interviewed a Vulture TV critic for the podcast and she told me the internet has two rules:

1. If you can think of it, there’s porn of it.
2. If you wonder if something is on the internet, it is.

The rest of it is fun, too. Gay of Thrones host Jonathan Van Ness talks about TV’s funnest show. Listen.

Drake Has Updated The Canadian Tux

Happy Canada Day from Drake!

What Did Jay Call Bey Before The Wedding?

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It Ain’t Easy Being Teen

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The X-Men Cartoon’s Theme Song Holds Up

As you will see below, the X-Men cartoon of the 90s had maybe the best opening of any animated show of its era. Twenty years later, the jam holds up. Kudos to Ron Wasserman, who also did the theme for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I wouldn’t be totally against this music piping out of speakers in public parks every morning.

Bootleg Cover Art Is Better

The Eiffel Tower from the Vegas hotel? McConaughey’s face on Brad Pitt’s body? Explosions everywhere? Don’t know which True Detective lives on these two critically acclaimed discs, but definitely can’t wait to find out.


They Only Come Out At Night

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Sir Patrick Stewart Captures The Mood Of A Nation

And he also inspired that logo:

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