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Beating The Blizzard Blues

WNYC’s Stephen Nessen captured this amazing photo of a 5-year-old in New York who was in awfully good spirits last night considering he had been sitting in a cart while his family pulled him through a blizzard due to subway closures. Kids: we need them to continue.

Time To Freak Out About The Weather!

Down 4 So Long

You know how some songs about being bummed actually make you feel better? This is definitely one of those:


Navigating the digital ecosystem can be challenging, but now we have a handmade wooden puppet to serve as our guide. In British animator Doug Hindson’s two-and-a-half minute short, a nameless, faceless avatar asks the tough questions: How long before this kid is summing up his life in 140 characters? We won’t end up like that couple (that doesn’t speak at dinner), will we? Shouldn’t I be doing something more meaningful with my time?

The puppet comes up with some decent answers, too.

Mr. Secretary

What you missed if you missed last night’s State of the Union:

Thanks, Tessa!

Garbage Day!

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Martin Had A Dream

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Roast Battle

The roast is a sacred tradition for stand-up comedians – maybe a little too sacred. The form has essentially remained unchanged from the classic Friars Club roasts 60s and 70s to the more recent Comedy Central installments. But a group of comedians is taking the roast to new, ever more insulting places at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles.

Listen to very vulgar latest episode of sideshow: