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Georgia’s Got Talent

Thanks, Jenn!

The Cake Is Out There

This video is evidence of one of the most supremely geeky creations I’ve ever seen — and I mean that in a good way. After watching it several times, I shared it with my brother, The Nimesh. He watched it, shared my amazement, and responded, “Feels like people have some really creative ideas and you have to start taking notes so you can RIP OFF ALL OF THEM.” He was referring to other wedding creativity that has hit it big on the Internet: the big entrances, bigger drummers, and staged photos. Nim’s right: the first to combine all of what’s come so far (with the requisite originality) wins the best wedding ever! Don’t forget your UFO-theremin wedding cake. And your spouse who’s game for a UFO-theremin wedding cake.

Thanks, Jules and Jesper!

…And There’s No Crying In Space

Yesterday we brought you a tribute to the Bowie-loving, social media maven and spaceman Commander Hadfield, who has single-handedly made space exploration fun and exciting again from the (usually boring) International Space Station.

Today, we bring you one of his experiments: Can you cry in space?

Bowie’s In Space

I recently began a small, personal project for my own betterment. Exercise, a change of diet, a new charitable cause? No, I began listening to David Bowie’s oeuvre from 1967-1983 (with a couple of stops in the ’90s and a jump to 2013). I don’t just mean starting at side 1, track 1 and letting the entire discography play in the background of my daily activities — nay, I want to go down the rabbit hole. Every album is getting at least a week of rotation. We all know Bowie’s hits, but the more you hear of the man’s work the more you realize the singles cut barely skin deep and are far from the “best” his albums have to offer.

I bring this up only because that journey begins with with an album and a song called Space Oddity.

Cmdr. Chris Hadfield (social media expert, astronaut) is on a far more exciting journey, and as it came to a close this week, he made a video for us. If his voice and the song itself weren’t moving enough, the shots of our beautiful planet from the ISS and the stark, mechanical marvel of the weightless environment bring it to a whole new level. Excuse me while I wipe this lone, masculine tear from the corner of my eye.

Thank you, Cmdr. Hadfield for the work you’re doing.

Thank you for bringing humour and artistry to your job.

Thank you for reminding everyone of how important and exciting space travel still is.

And most importantly, thanks for proving to the entire world that Canadians are simply the coolest.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson already owned the Internet, but moonwalking in front of Buzz Aldrin last week certainly didn’t make things worse:

Evolution In Stop Motion

Sometimes the first thing I do when someone sends me a video is open it and figure out its length. We’re all caught up in our egocentric ecosystems and it can be difficult to consume, reflect, and comment on everything that’s being shared. The best we can do is file something away and do our best to get to it.

My man Maneesh shared this incredible stop motion wall-painted animation of evolution with me many weeks ago while I was at work. In accordance with that “do the best you can” policy, I emailed it to myself. I only recently got around to watching it and it was well worth the — yes, I know — ten minute investment. Promise.

BIG BANG BIG BOOM – the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

Brewing Beer Gets A Little Hairy

What’s 34-years-old, black and white, and yeasty enough to form the foundations of your favorite new microbrew? For better or worse, the answer is this man’s beard:

John Maier (not that one) of Newport, Oregon’s Rogue Ales has been wearing the brewmaster hat for more than twenty years–almost as long as he’s been wearing that sea of salt and pepper on his cheeks and chin. Rogue’s always tinkering with the formula, and after a recent attempt to harvest yeast from its own hop yard failed, they turned to Maier’s face fur. The results should be bottled by next year, barring the apocalypse.

Thanks, Logan.

Double Down A La DMX

It isn’t too often you see DMX trending on the World Wide Web, but we were lucky enough to witness just that last week. The good people over at Grantland helped publicize a video in which the bygone hip-hop hero Googled something (himself) for the first time. Ever. It was magical, and pairs nicely with a mash-up (DMX vs. Reading Rainbow) shared with us by a friend recently. Stop! Drop! Click on play! Open up shop!

Thanks, Esperanza.

Carl Sagan Of Mars

In our more reflective, melancholic moments, I’m sure we all wonder what we’re going to miss after we die. Whether it’s personal — our children, grandchildren — or on a grander scale. In my own moments of reflection, as exciting as it is to be alive during our first baby steps into space… I can’t help but wonder, in awe, about the incredible things we will do and lengths we will travel in a future that I sadly won’t be alive to see.

Carl Sagan was arguably more reflective than any of us, and I find comfort in knowing that he felt the same way. He knew the inevitable would come after his death, regardless of budget cuts or a continuously pervasive lack of wonder, and he left a message.

A message for the travelers to Mars.

Good Quotations: Master Of The Universe

“He taught the whole world. What a wonderful life!”

— Scientist Jay Gould, in reference to Carl Sagan

Sagan’s personal papers — including hypothesis, journals, fan mail, and correspondence with various scientists and fissured ceramics — have been obtained by the Library of Congress thanks to the unlikely collaborative efforts of Neil deGrasse Tyson and Seth MacFarlane. Some 800 boxes of Sagan’s documents will be sorted through and preserved, placing the master of the universe in good company–the library possesses the papers of Alexander Graham Bell, the Wright brothers, J. Robert Oppenheimer, and Margaret Mead, too.