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Georgia’s Got Talent

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Hockey Hair

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Skills Competition

The Band Marches On

Columbia University can’t figure out football, but its team’s marching band is crushing it on all counts:

Frisbees Knees

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Started From The Bottom

Drake is a big deal. And he undeniably uses his status to elevate that of his home and native land, Toronto, Canada. Toronto is known for a lot of great things, but as of late, the success of its many professional sports teams hasn’t been one of them.

The Toronto Raptors’ mascot, “Raptor” is an exception. Raptor is revered throughout the NBA, and as Grantland explained last year, is basically the toast of the annual NBA mascot meeting, which is a real thing. That’s why this vine is so special. Two of Toronto’s finest meeting in the recesses of the Air Canada Centre. And yes, it’s also delightfully silly looking.

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Throwing Soccer Shapes

Noticed on Wednesday that there were three sports-related posts in a row this week. Figured it’d be best to stretch it until Friday, when we usually dance, but this dude has got killer moves, so it works out.

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The Tables Turn

Whip Your Colleagues Wednesday

Tennis season is over. Calendar summer is coming to an end. Back to work. If you can’t hang (or if you’ve ever wanted to gently pelt your co-workers with forehands), this is the video for you:

The Truth Will Set You Free

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