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A Sk8er For All The H8ers

Can You Kick It?

Thanks, Jody!

They Only Come Out At Night

Thanks, Jody!

Can You Kick It?

Today begins the 20th World Cup in Brazil. If we’re lucky we’ll see some international sportsmanship and corner kick diplomacy. If we’re really lucky, someone might stop to tie a goaltender’s shoelaces:

Thanks, Johnny!

Go Kings Go!

Goodosphere loves the Kings, but the Rangers haven’t played for the Stanley Cup in 20 years. New York hasn’t played Los Angeles in the finals of anything significant in 30 years. This is a good time to love hockey.

Smooth Operator

They Spinning

There’s pen spinning, and then there’s this:

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Jordin Tootoo Gives His Stick To A Really Sweet Kid

Jordin Tootoo has a reputation. He’s a hockey “enforcer‘ — a guy who goes after you if you hit one of his guys. He’s been accused of taking cheap shots, going after goalies, and just about any other offensive crime you could commit on the ice. Still, you can’t help but love this moment:

Thanks, Nim!

To Be A Rock And Not To Roll

When the Sex Pistols´╗┐ were invited to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 1996, they unceremoniously passed with a hand-written letter penned by Johnny Rotten. It’s pretty funny and totally rock and roll:


Jump Around

Three men. Three jumps. Three parachutes. One World Trade Center.