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Georgia’s Got Talent

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Beautiful Morning, You’re The Sun In My Morning Babe

No Jokes

The Daily Show
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Sorry / Not Sorry

Only In Canada

Would a crowd finish the national anthem of the opposing team. That’s what happened when a microphone cut out before the Nashville Predators played the Toronto Maple Leafs at Air Canada Centre in Toronto a few weeks ago. I’m pretty sure the applause at the end is everyone being sorta surprised they pulled it off. Kudos, Canada.

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Noah’s World

I want to experience everything through the eyes of Noah Ritter. Never change, kid.

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Far From Frozen Falls — But Still, Reporter Calls

I got an email from my aunt in Sri Lanka the other day. It was a Daily Mail article that claimed Niagara Falls had frozen over. The photos were astounding. I wanted to post them to the Goods, but decided to verify with a more trusted news source (no offense, Daily Mail). That’s when I stumbled on this local news feature from WGRZ-TV’s Dave McKinley. The reporter from Buffalo’s NBC affiliate heads down to the falls to verify and rhymes his entire report, thus spreading joy the world over.

City Art

We stumbled upon the latest Banksy in New York last night: an inconspicuous truck with a highly conspicuous surprise in back.

Elegy For A Polar Bear

Central Park’s famous polar bear, Gus, died a few weeks ago at the advanced age of 27. If you went to the Park regularly during those 27 years, there’s a fair chance he was an honorary member of your family. And like those family members you care for deeply, Gus had some deep issues. To put it plainly, he was depressed. Gus may have been the first zoo animal to be treated with the anti-depressant Prozac. All the more reason that this amateur-ish tribute is pitch perfect.

Even better, this amateur-ish tribute comes from the perfectionists over at the New Yorker:

Facial Hair Funny

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