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Good Point

Is Nick Offerman Joking?

One of the internet’s finest outlets for quotidian observations is the Showerthoughts subreddit. Scrolling through will elicit tiny chortles, but when Nick Offerman recites them, you can’t help but lol.

Chris Martin + Jennifer Lawrence =

Do You Like Jokes?

Thanksgiving Tessa!

How To Joke On Twitter

You know it was the real deal because the conversation has been deleted:

Thanks, Jody.

What Did Jay Call Bey Before The Wedding?

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Sir Patrick Stewart Captures The Mood Of A Nation

And he also inspired that logo:

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Sir Ian Magento

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Chris O’Dowd Is The Best Loser

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Romancing LeBron

This week begins the NBA finals between the Heat and the Spurs, which means we won’t be seeing any more of these:

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