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Australian Negotiator

Public Radio Auto-Correct

Public radio auto-correct (a.k.a. when you type “This American Life” as “TAL” and type “TAL” more often than you type “talk”):

Kanye Didn’t Win Any Grammys

But Kanye definitely won the Grammys when he briefly stormed the stage after Beck upset Beyoncé to win Album of the Year. It was hilarious, and honest, and just. It was nice to see Beck get an award from Prince (especially after years of listening to Midnite Vultures), but we all know Beyoncé dropped one of the greatest albums of all time. Oh, and Beyoncé husband’s reaction is priceless. Thanks, Mr. West.

Super Bowel Sunday

Time To Freak Out About The Weather!

Well Wishes For A Monday

Start 2015 Off On A Good Joke

Or this one:

Herzog Inspirationals

My favorite new tumblr is Herzog Inspirationals, where some sly genius merges innocuous images with bleak, hope-decimating observations made by one Werner Herzog.

All About That Beet

Thanks, Mia!

Click Hole FTW

Everything ClickHole does is really funny or super smart. This particular piece falls into the former category, but don’t let that deter you.