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Realistic Mario

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Mulaney Tells A Funny Story: The Salt And Pepper Diner

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Daylight Savings Time Is A Flat Circle

Double Down: Drunk Fundraising, Vols 4-5

Here are the final two episodes of Drunk Fundraising (for now). Pledge pitch points run the gamut, from Shakespeare to tote bags. The name of the radio station in question also varies throughout.

Drunk Fundraising, Vol. 3: Commercial Radio Vs. Public Radio

Here’s Drunk Fundraising, Volume 3, in which On The Media host Brooke Gladstone channels an intoxicating Danielle DiPaolo, who is gently comparing commercial radio to public radio.

Drunk Fundraising, Vol 2: 5,000 Landing Planes

Here’s Drunk Fundraising, Volume 2, in which Studio 360 host (and friend of the Goods), Kurt Andersen, recounts the love Zack Poitras showed for WNYC on one fateful night.

Drunk Fundraising, Vol. I: Next Round’s On You

Public radio pledge drives are the butt of many a joke. They turn listeners away. They upset otherwise mild-mannered people. They maybe even blur some ethical lines. But they work. They work so well a whole crowd-funding industry has cropped-up online based on the model. Would Kickstarter and Indiegogo be around if it weren’t for NPR and its member stations? Maybe, but at least a little credit is due.

Kickstarter and Indiegogo have managed to advance the model in one way public radio hasn’t: young people take note of crowd-funding campaigns online, but by-and-large change the station when they hear public radio pledge drives. In an effort to ensure the youth of today know that public radio membership campaigns are indeed targeting them, we have Drunk Fundraising, produced by Yours Truly and WNYC’s crack digital person, Amy Pearl. It’s a public radio take on the ingenious Drunk History series that recently made the leap from web series to full-blown TV show on Comedy Central. I’ll post another episode each day this week.

In this, the maiden voyage, UCB improv vets Danielle DiPaolo and Zack Poitras discuss their love for public radio, asking ye young folk to consider the merits of membership over martinis (after a few martinis):

Have You Ever Noticed The Executive Producer Credit Stephen Colbert Gave Himself?

It’s the first one that pops up when the credits roll…

Compare it to the one Jon Stewart gets:

What a guy.

Sasheer Zamata And The Disruptive Dick

After catching lots of flack and taking part in some much-needed self-deprecation, Saturday Night Live finally found itself a black female cast member so that its two fantastic black dudes can finally put away the dresses and wigs. We look forward to seeing Sasheer Zamata on the show this weekend and hope she’s allowed to do a lot more than play the black female parts.

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Jack And Jack Play A Joke On A Jeep