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Thanks, Dave. Thanks, Norm.

If you missed Letterman’s last shows, what you really missed was Norm’s last set and his emotional goodbye to his stand-up hero:

Do You Like Apples?

True Detective Season Poo

How does Barclay the pup feel about the second season of True Detective? Watch for the thrilling reveal:

GOT Jokes?

Arya Stark: Hello, I’m Ned Stark’s youngest daughter.
You: Arya?

Thanks, Alex!

She Found Jokes In A Hopeless Place

42 Degrees, Brah

Thanks, Phil.

How British Am I?

Seldom is the question asked: Bond, how British am I? Here, it is asked over and over.

Thanks, Jordan!

Easter Monday

Easter Monday is actually a thing. In Canada, today is a holiday and kids don’t have to go to school.

Anyway, my friend Sabri has a friend who made stigmata cookies to celebrate Easter this past weekend. They’re incredible.

In closing: Yay! He is risen! What a gnarly story, eh?

Peace be with you.

And also with you.

Bale Bondsman

Kanye Pickles