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Miss You, Mitch

Your Dude Is Back

I was so scared that he wasn’t going to be funny — that the accident killed that part of him. But then he was. And after that he was offensive in that way that awfully charming way that he is and we knew everything was okay in the world for just a moment.

The Most Fun You’ll Ever Have At Ikea

Thanks, Nim!

Back To School

Happy Monday!

Thanks, Johnny!

Smart Pipe Will Change Your Life

Everything in our lives is connected to the internet, so why not our toilets? Take a tour of Smart Pipe, the hot new tech startup that turns your waste into valuable information and fun social connectivity.

You Know You’ve Made It When…

Your meme finds a home in a craigslist personal ad:

Thanks, Dave. Thanks, Norm.

If you missed Letterman’s last shows, what you really missed was Norm’s last set and his emotional goodbye to his stand-up hero:

Do You Like Apples?

True Detective Season Poo

How does Barclay the pup feel about the second season of True Detective? Watch for the thrilling reveal: