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Little Man vs. Big Lobster

Easily one of the best things on the Internet featuring poor crustaceans and a beguiled child. You never forget your first time:

Crashers party as particles get smashed

What comes after 16 years of work and $10 billion come together in a breathtaking moment of wonder engineered to push the boundaries of the known universe?

The sickest party this side of the French Alps, that’s what.

CERN scientists working on the Large Hadron Collider celebrated this morning after the world’s largest physics experiment successfully collided subatomic particles at 99% of the speed of light. After two false starts, scientists and technicians were ‘stoked’ with the successful operation of the collider and planned to get ‘hyphy’ at the soonest possible juncture.

Read more at NYTimes.
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Questions for Goodosphere II

We should all take comfort in the fact that “how can I help haiti?” is amongst the ranks of the rest of these critical queries. Click to enlarge some good Internet:

Via questions for Google.

The Census

The Census is important. How else will the U.S. agriculture industry know how many bananas to import? Don’t forget to properly identify yourself:

With My Mind on My Money and My Money on My Suspenders

Snoop Dogg will be Larry King‘s guest tonight at 9 on CNN. In algorithmic form, that looks something like this:

+ =

Good Egg: Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren has got the proverbial back of America. As the head of the Congressional Oversight Panel, lady goes around on the TV speaking nothing but unadulterated truth about the predatory banks and creditors that have taxed the naive out of The Dream. She speaks about it all so plainly and often that people are taking notice. She may just change the status quo if appointed the head of the still-possible-if-the-Dems-can-man-up Consumer Financial Protection Agency (CFPA).

Essentially, a CFPA is a totally requisite arm that would make sure that the average prole doesn’t get hosed when she signs up for a credit card or buys a house. Somehow, this is a contentious issue. Good thing Elizabeth Warren has our backs: “My first choice is a strong consumer agency,” she told the New York Times. “My second choice is no agency at all and plenty of blood and teeth left on the floor.”

God bless Elizabeth Warren and God bless the United States of America.

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Good Day Sunshine

Principal Bob "Short Shorts 'n Sun" Sampson Kicking it on his Suzuki 450

Spring has done gone and sprung itself all over the place. As the weather goes from gloomy to gleaming it’s hard if not impossible (and perhaps, morally wrong) to be cooped up in a institution of learning, or for that matter, working.

Up in Washington state where sunshine is as rare as a Tunisian Ice Cave, the principal of Bellingham Christian School made a decidedly good decision and called a “sun day”.

“In Washington we often have soggy winters and spring. We all love the sun up here. Sometimes we cancel school due to snow. So one day I thought, if we don’t have any snow days why not do that for good weather?”

NPR picked up the story and gave it the “30 second lighthearted news piece” treatment which you’ll find here.

The Nineties in One Picture

Thanks to Jeff Bird.

Sweet Stereotypes

Not all stereotypes are offensive. Surely Swedes and Danes don’t take offense at being uniformly perceived as statuesque and handsome. I highly doubt that Asians ever object when being lauded for their mathematical acumen. And I know for a fact that Canadians will never try to disprove the near-universal belief in their unfailing politeness.

What does this mean for us? At the very least, these are the stereotypes we can guiltlessly laugh at:

Thanks to Alex.

Yo Quiero Frozen Yogurt?

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