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… And The Hippo Was Allergic to Magic

Continuing Nick’s tack of genuflecting to the YouTube, I’d like to add that the favored time killer of our generation is the best ticket to transcend borders, cultures, peoples, and prejudice. Sure, the comments on any given YouTube video can make you cringe until you curl, but if you’re selective (as you sure should be), it can be mostly magic. Case in point, this doe-eyed dear from across the pond. Take a hot minute to enjoy her tale of triumph and tragedy in the animal kingdom:

YouTube Pentanniversary

Here at the Goods, we try to highlight things that are interesting, entertaining, innovative, or redeeming. More often than not, we also try to provide some sort of video accompaniment as well. For example:

Videos make our posts more vivid and accessible and we think that’s a good thing. Of course, we don’t do it alone. We have, what I like to consider, our silent partner: YouTube.

Today, as you’ve probably heard, YouTube turns 5 years old and we wanted to take a moment to say ‘congrats’. So from all of us to you (tube), Happy 5th Birthday! We couldn’t do it without ya.

I Am Not Entertained

I'm Sold (on North Korea)

When people speak ‘ill’ of North Korea I’m always skeptical. I mean those propaganda villages seem so friendly and inviting. Do we really know whats going on over there? All we can do is speculate. Well…until now.

Where do I sign up?

Happy Birthday… Laser?

This year marks the laser’s 50th Anniversary and fans of the laser are celebrating the innovation that made this nail-biting moment possible:

Lasers, which began as a ‘scientific curiosity’, are now used in medicine, defense, optics, manufacturing, and many other fields. It’s hard to imagine a laserless existence. Ponder, if you will, what Office Space would be without our trusty friend the laser printer. Consider what your cat would do without his laser pointer nemesis. Frightening questions indeed…

We should point out that lasers aren’t just for tormenting pets or blowing up Alderaan; lasers have practical applications too. From DVD players to price guns, lasers are an integral part of every day life.

True laser afficionados should check out LaserFest, a year-long celebration of all things laser. Read more at

Salim Baba: A Short Film (Or: Songs, Dialogue & Fighting)

In our lifelong obsession with ourselves, we all think we’re too busy. Too busy to do what we want to do, what we’ve been meaning to do, or what we know we should do for someone else. I heard about the following short film, Salim Baba, over a month ago and from the description alone knew it would be worth watching, but put it off because I was too busy. We must think that phrase a dozen times within the space of a day. The joke of it is, we know it isn’t true, and that if we’re lucky we just get rare, shining moments in that day that actually mean something while the rest is instantly forgettable. But we keep saying it to ourselves (and anyone else that will listen), and we always will.

My point? I watched Salim Baba today, and it’s a wonderful short film. It won’t change your perspective, it won’t challenge you, it won’t impress you with its blazing originality. It’s just… worth the time.


You're Much Alike!

Good Music: Cheeseburger

For a moment I thought about posting the new LCD Soundsystem video…but at this point its caliber of “goodness” is probably already common knowledge.

Instead I thought it might be interesting to share the inspiration for the video which is perhaps less well known. It’s from Cheeseburger, another band bringing back the feel good, no-holds-barred essence of rock music’s golden age.

It’s pretty clear that James Murphy was inspired by this video considering he rates this particular track amongst his top ten favorites in an article and corresponding mixed CD he made for the French magazine TSUGI.

Note: Parental Discretion is Advised

Hangin' Cool

Yesterday, Meat Loaf released Hang Cool Teddy Bear, the album he was born to write. I haven’t actually listened to it in its entirety, but I feel confident in making the aforesaid statement. It’s kind of like how I knew The Two Coreys was going to be my favorite TV show before I ever watched it, and then I watched it and it was my favorite TV show! Sometimes you can just feel things.

Says Meat Loaf,

“It’s the story of a soldier. He’s been in battle and he’s lying face down on the ground. He can’t move, but he turns his head and starts to see blood run across the ground, and so he thinks he’s going to die. They always say you see your life flash backward when you’re about to die. But his life flashes forward – into what possibly could happen. He sees what his life could be: the good and the bad. The songs are the different scenarios he finds himself in. It’s not always the same time or the same place, but it’s always the same woman. But I don’t want to give too much away. I want people to work it out for themselves.”

The narrative is inspired by a short story written by one Kilian Kerwin, a Los Angeles screenwriter and director and Meat Loaf’s close pal. The album features musicians Steve Vai, Brian May, Kara DioGuardi, Jack Black and, funnily, Hugh Laurie (a classically trained pianist – who knew?).

Lastly, the lyrics of Hang Cool are Meat Loaf’s best and boldest yet, chock full of lazy comparisons (in “Like a Rose,” the speaker describes a statch female as “kind of like a rose,” basically admitting up front that his claim is unreliable), bizarre euphemisms/possible double meanings (“spinnin’ wheels on fire with my speed needle between my jeans”) and bittersweet revelations.

Miraculous Feets

Move over Freestyle Walking, there’s a new pseudosport in town.

A heartwarming farce or a true miracle? You decide. No, we decide: both.

(Thanks to sixboothbys for the share.)