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Magic 8-Leg: Paul the Clairvoyant Octopus

In keeping with our animals theme this week, I humbly present Paul the Clairvoyant Octopus.

Paul, an octopus in Germany, has correctly predicted the winner of the last 4 World Cup matches involving Germany’s team. Paul’s 4-0 record, which included his prediction that Serbia would upset Germany in their match on June 18th, has garnered international attention.

Now, Paul has picked Germany to beat Argentina. Fans will watch with bated breath to see if the cephalopod has again divined the outcome of an expectedly tight match.

Read more at Der Spiegel.

Who You Gonna Call? Not Cat Lassie, I Hope

In my limited experience, I’ve found both cats and dogs to be utterly useless in emergencies, but it seems the general consensus is that most sleep sounder with a dog in the house. I did some research and was highly disturbed by my findings:

Cute Meets Noble

reddit via The Daily What

Oscar the Bionic Cat

If you haven’t already, meet Oscar the Bionic Cat.

After losing two feet in a tussle with a thresher, Oscar makes veterinary history by becoming the first cat with prosthetic limbs.

Thanks to M.B. for the scoop.
(BBC, ABC News)

Tik Tok, Kirk And $pock, But The Party Don't $top, No

Ke$ha meets $tar Trek just in time for intergalactic rapture.

Thanks to Mari$a!

It's-a Me, Mario!

I’m not very good at playing video games. The last console I had any measurable skill at was released in 1991, and you can ask any of the fellow Goodosphere posters known for their epic Super Smash Bros. sessions which Rameswaram brother will rock Kirby for all eternity and which Rameswaram brother silently weeps in the back of the room, longing for the sense of belonging just outside of his grasp. If there’s any game I can rock regardless of year, platform, or age though… it’s a Mario game. It’s not just a casual experience to me, nay, it’s a quest. Every Dragon/Star/Red/Blue/Whatever! Coin must be found, every hidden entrance revealed, every secret discovered. Just look at how I decorate my apartment! (Mulhern not included.)

All this preamble is leading towards what, you ask? A good cause, and an immediate one. Right now, the MARIO MARATHON is going on, where three players have been playing through every Mario game since 11 yesterday morning. They’re playing for donations for Child’s Play, a charity that as a kid who spent more time than I care to remember in hospitals, I can certainly appreciate.

It’s a wonderful idea, to use what some (or many) would certainly describe as a pointless, time-wasting skill for a good cause. And seeing that this is the third year the Mario Marathon has been running, needless to say, it’s working. Congratulations are in order for these three motivated gamers, and I only wish I could join them in their, well… quest.

The Sky’s Not The Limit. The Limit Is A Construct.

Colin Rich photographs and makes things. This is one of his splendiferous creations:

Pacific Star II from Colin Rich on Vimeo.

Decision Time

Often times, the Internet makes it too easy. We idly man our mouses and wait for the surfeit of entertainment to passively wash over us. Is this a force of good? Probably. But, I say it’s crunch time, people. It’s time to make a decision, once and for all. Is this the cutest picture ever taken or is this a chilling exhibition of an underfed tyrant seeking sustenance in the form of an achingly cute kitten? BE THE DECIDER.

Never forget!

The End of An Internet

Some time late last night, a video hit the tubes. The video features YouTube mainstays Ok Go, radio maven Ira Glass, Fern-lover Zach Galifianakis, and Animal. You have officially reached the end of the Internet:

Or have you?

Happy [New] Birthday

If you don’t think we live in a kick ass, it’s a wonderful life, clam bakin’, Kermit The Frog singin’ totally awesome day and age, then check this out:

About four weeks ago our dear friend (we’ll call him Dave) woke up in the hospital. Dave probably had a brief moment where he wondered where he was and what was going on. The whole thing probably happened so fast, Dave must have felt blitzed.

(Photo: Royal Victoria Hospital)

Maybe Dave remembered the special pager going off. Maybe he remembered calling the hospital and hearing that good news had finally arrived. Maybe it dawned on him all at once that he was now living with a new heart. However it happened, our friend Dave woke up the recipient in a successful heart transplant. Okay, now think about that for a minute . . . what must it feel like to have what was just hours ago someone else’s heart beating inside your chest? The idea is totally amazing.