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Kanye West's Twitter

A few days ago, Kanye West opened a Twitter account. The world is better for it.

I wish I could just update this post continuously, but let’s face it — we’re all going to follow him. Just remember…


Monster Cakes Are Good

For me it started with this Cthulhu-themed cake (note the severed arm and party hat ensemble).

Then I moved on to the hard stuff:

Subway Platform Where Jams Are Remade

Brooklyn’s finest PROJECT Trio perform Hova’s Empire State of Mind while waiting for their hype men at West 4th in New York:

Owl Shower…Showler?

The French call it portmanteau. Owls call it pretentious.

A (Concrete) River Runs Through It

Los Angeles takes a lot of flak for any number of things that we don’t much need to delve into here. More than most any other city I can think of, L.A. is maligned by people who have never even set foot in any of its innumerable boroughs. Los Angeles is that ubiquitous. With so many haters, the onus is on just about anyone to play defense. Randy, the Red Hots, and even The Atlantic have done some legwork. It’s Goodosphere’s turn. We like a challenge, so we’ll go for defending the mighty sinuous Los Angeles River.

Flickrer kla4067

People talk smack about L.A.’s river. They go, “It’s concrete like that song!” “It’s barren like warm apple pie.” “It’s unsightly like Gibraltar.” Maybe it is those things, sometimes. But when the whipping boy isn’t being flogged, it’s busy saving its city’s ass from infrequent, though fully possible floods.

The river is also a critical part of Los Angeles’ history. Before the concrete was poured and the tags were tagged, the banks were natural and the river united an ever-expanding metropolis. The concrete may have enabled people to think of the artery as a canvas, dumpster, or chicken court, but some folks still put up the good fight to remind us.

Recently, said pugilists scored a big win. As reported by the Los Angeles Times, back in 2008, the Army Corps of Engineers was “preparing to adopt new regulations that would have stripped much of the L.A. River watershed of Clean Water Act protections.” When resident engineer Heather Wylie heard of the Corps’ plans, she leaked some incriminating docs and took to the World Wide Web to conduct some research. She found out that if navigable, a body of water qualifies for special protections. When there’s a Wylie, there’s a way.

She contacted one George Wolfe, the eventual founder of L.A. River Expeditions. Together, they began planning a three-day kayaking trip through the Los Angeles River. I know what you’re thinking. Did they bring enough water to fill the river, first?

It turns out, the river flows, “Only on a couple of stretches was it necessary to carry their kayaks. On some stretches, they zipped through the narrow, two-foot-deep low-flow channel, which felt a bit like a ride at Disneyland.”

It really felt like Disneyland once the EPA caught wind of the flotilla. Two weeks ago, the federal appendage ruled the Los Angeles river “traditional navigable waters.” Ergo, the river is now entitled to a series of protections under the Clean Water Act.

To celebrate, California’s governor took to the river with a cunning teen for an elaborate game of cat and mouse (click for motion):

The Valley Girl: Sometimes It Is Fun To Make Fun

“The girls are so sophisticated that when they go to the 7-Eleven they ask for the Slurpee list. They’re that uptown.”



Happy weekend, Goodosphere readers!

Double Down: He-Man Redux

I watched He-Man as a kid. The popular 80s cartoon is now (in)famous for its ‘fabulous’ themes that may have affected kids in curious ways they’re only now beginning to fully realize. But, I digress…

In the intervening years, some millenials (look it up slacker) have had some fun with our cherished childhood muscle man (no, not Stretch). Turns out there was always more to He-Man than met our young, impressionable eyes. First, we not-so-proudly present this humorous abomination:

Wow. That certainly gave me a head change. Next, an oldie but a goodie:

I think I found my new daily affirmation video! Kudos to those who waited past the one minute mark for this video to really take off. Intrepid souls indeed.

Sure, it’s hip and ironic (the two become more and more closely related) to embrace the He-Man again. But few cartoons were as memorable and over-the-top as the Prince of Eternia was. Surely, He-Man has more to teach us, more to share. I hope you’ve enjoyed this short and mildly disturbing trip down memory lane- I know I did.

Random Knowledge

Know anything about the Formiche di Grosseto? They’re a collection of tiny islands in the Tuscan archipelago. Heard the word? The Chipmunks spent two weeks at #1 on the Hot 100 Chart in 1959. Hard to believe but it’s true. And how’s this grab ya: the Bumblebee Bat is recognized as the smallest mammal on earth (Team Etruscan Shrew– don’t step to this).

I’ve learned these and other interesting(?) facts and now, you can too! How? It’s easy friend- the ‘Random Article’ link on Wikipedia brings pointless information straight to your fingertips.

(Thank you MS Paint)

Step 1: Click the link
Step 2: Click it again probably (lot’s of articles are about malls in Canada)
Step 3: Let the random knowledge seep in
Step 4: Repeat

Before you know it, you’ll be rocking it at Trivial Pursuit and upping your OCD meds. Who says you can’t know everything?

Tiny Hats

A short and sweet animation by Penelope Gazin, with a song sung by William Keegan (friends of the Goods):

Via Cartoon Brew.