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Indestructible Balls

I saw a Dyson commercial last night in which Sir James plainly spoke about how his aim has always been to do the things that other people always seem to avoid; to think about the solutions to the problems that most won’t even consider. Yes, he was most likely referring to ball-pivoting vacuum cleaners and bladeless fans, but the man certainly offered a good pitch. Rejecting the status quo is the stuff of progress. Just ask my man Galileo Galilei.

You can always count on America for innovation. Even in this yawning chasm of a recession, we’re coming up with all sorts of implements you never knew you needed. Amongst the ingenuity of late is an indestructible soccer ball:


This puppy is not just another shelf-filler at your neighborhood Dick’s. No, this spherical chunk of Proprietary Closed Cell Resin (cousin of Crocs) is built to withstand barbwire.

Husband and wife ballers Tim Jahnigen and Lisa Tarver introduced the ball — and One World Futbol — to the world after seeing the egregious conditions children in Darfur were playing in. As Jahnigen told the Chronicle, “Surrounded by barbed wire, amid hovels made of plastic, cardboard and sticks, children were playing an infectious game of soccer – using trash instead of a ball…[the] images of Darfur refugees were heartbreaking and inspiring at the same time.”

When Jahnigen heard that the trash-fashioned balls the children used tended to fall apart instantly, he didn’t just sulk and sympathize, he decided to do. Do what? Create an unstitched, airless football that would last forever–sustaining kicks in the harshest of environments.

It wasn’t easy, but with the help of dude’s wife and the brain trust over at Crocs HQ, the dream was realized. The thing went through some pretty rigorous testing, too. When Jahaigen traveled to the World Cup to promote the ball and give some away in impoverished townships, he made an additional stop in a lion’s den at the Johannesburg zoo. Final score? Ball – one, lion – nil.


Sir James Dyson has great ideas. His vacuum cleaners are a thing of beauty and help countless people suck countless things. You can’t knock the hustle, but I’m a sucker for the simple saves. The second that Tim Jahnigen took to consider the problem and extrapolate is the type of progress that fuels the soul. All it takes is an idea, and Sting. Yes, sometimes It takes Sting.

You see, Jahnigen didn’t have the money for research and development, so he called up his one-named acquaintance for some financial faith. The conversation went something like this:

Jahnigen: Hey, Sting buddy, I need some of that Police money for these indestructible balls I’m working on.

Sting: You could say I lost my faith in science and progress. You could say I lost my belief in the Holy Church. You could say I lost my sense of direction. You could say all of this and worse but…If I ever lose my faith in you, there’d be nothing left for me to do.

Jahnigen: Superb!

Thanks to San Francisco’s Chronicle.

Good Quotations: William Jefferson Clinton

“There’s nothing wrong with America that cannot be cured by what is right with America.”

And Now For Something Fun

[via @frucci]


I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume that our readers don’t hate puppies. And why don’t they hate them? Because! Puppies are cute, playful, loving, and sweet. They’re like babies except more fun and less smelly.

But what about porcupines? I know what you’re thinking: “Sure they’re adorable, but what’s this I hear about about their quills?” You recall your Boy/Girl Scout training: Find a puppy in the woods- pick it up. Find a porcupine in the woods- maintain your distance. That was Day 1 stuff.

But, faithful readers, if it wags it’s tail, licks your hands, and loves to have it’s belly rubbed… well, goddamnit, who’s to say that it can’t be as cuddly as a puppy? Not to mention, twice as fun as a baby.

Thanks to M.B.

Bilbo Baggins on The 1s And 2s

Everyone’s a DJ. Everyone.

Good Quotations: Mark Twain

“Twenty Years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

Morgan Freeman Can Do Anything Good

Ms. Daisy’s driver takes on the Barenaked Ladies with great panache.

The Muck Stops Here?

It’s been 87 days since the BP Oil Spill began mucking up life. Now for the first time, however temporarily, the crude gushing into the gulf has been stopped.

BP CEO Tony Hayward, pictured here, was delighted with the results and decided to treat himself to a fudgecicle.

BP is performing a test that will hopefully, finally allow them to then cap the spill once and for all. For my part, I’ll take whatever good news we can get and ask that the world collectively cross its fingers as the test continues.

Update: We’ve learned that the above photo is actually Gloppy the Molasses Monster of Candy Land, not an oil-smeared Tony Hayward.

Buggin' Out

You’ve probably noticed that the lines between different media are being blurred. The New York Times has videos on your pad. The internet sells you moviefilms for your phone. The TV is on your computer. The drugs are coming out of the speakers.

We here at Goodosphere are de jure takers of the good with the bad. While there’s surely equal measures, the floodgates of good have opened at NPR as of late. Not only are they constantly streaming live concerts and full albums pre-release, but they evidently have taken to adapting long-form radio pieces into cartoons. The results are endearing:

Sacred Sand

When was the last time you bent over for enlightenment? Buddhist monks spent several days recreating the mandala for compassion using grains of sand.