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Cyberslapping Cancer And Other Diseases

Maybe you’ve heard about distributed computing. No? Well, distributed computing allows many participants with standard PCs to each pool a fraction of their processing power in order to collectively tackle enormous computing tasks.

SETI@Home is one popular (popular with the geeks) example of distributed computing. SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) developed the program to help researchers comb vast areas of the universe, looking for signs of alien intelligence.

But if ET isn’t your thing, you have the opportunity to contribute to another good cause: cutting-edge disease research. Scientists at Stanford University (do cool stuff) have created Folding@Home that allows folks like you and me to contribute in the battle against Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and cancer. By downloading and running the Folding@Home program, your computer will help crunch small packets of data that will further research to combat these devastating diseases.

It may be a drop in the bucket, but what are you saving your drops for anyway? Besides, the beauty of distributed computing is that collectively we can do enormous, supercomputer-esque things. Oh, and one more thing: you can form your own team and compete with other teams around the world to see who can process the most information. This might be as close as you can get to the frontlines against cancer without a degree in biochemistry.

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: The James Horn Edition

It’s Good To Give Thanks

After a seemingly endless year of waiting, American Thanksgiving is back and is poised to be bigger and — if we all do our part — better than ever. The President has chimed in as he’s wont to do, pardoning a set of Turkeys today at 1600 Pennsylvania. But outside of the love of fowl, food, family, friends, and good fortune that comes with Thanksgiving and Christmas (post pending), it’s been a week of good news that we can all give a big gracias to: The Pope endorsed condoms, the University of California came a lot closer to completing an artificial kidney that looks a whole lot like a car battery, AIDS was quasi-cured for people with names other than Magic, flamenco dancing and lunch in France were deemed cultural treasures, superheroes were deemed worthy of the right to free speech, and a car was driven from Alaska to Argentina without any emissions.

Sure, it would be easy to point to equally bad developments, but that’s not really our gig. Good things happen, goes the mantra. That’s why we’re here.

Have a stellar Thanksgiving. You may not love the TSA, but thank them for their exploratory gestures — you never know when you’ll make a friend traveling home for the holiday weekend. Whatever you do and whomever you’re with, try and remember what matters most.

Happy Thanksgiving from Goodosphere. Thanks for keeping us company.

And thanks to Katie O and the good pilgrims at Greenbrier Learning Center for the photos.

Look, Up In The Sky! It’s A Bird! It’s A Plane! It’s Super Mamika!

What would you do if your grandmother was depressed? Photographer Sacha Goldberger found himself in that situation with his grandmother, Frederika, and his answer was somewhat extraordinary. He created…

Super Mamika

Super Mamika.

Super Mamika is a 91-year-old superhero who seems to find herself in the most ridiculous of situations. The photos they created are stylish, fun, witty, and most importantly… they gave Frederika something to be cheerful about.

View them here and here.

Good Quotations: Aung San Suu Kyi

“To achieve democracy we need to create a network, not just in our country, but around the world. I will try to do that. If you do nothing, you get nothing.”

— Dissident Aung San Suu Kyi pledges unflagging devotion to democracy in Burma (a.k.a. Myanmar) in last week’s speech after seven years of house arrest. The military junta in Burma asked the pro-democracy leader to refrain from making public appearances as a condition of her freedom, but she has opted to go ahead and make one after the other. She has said she bears no ill will against the illegitimate powers that be and has promised to work toward reconciliation with the military, which recently staged an election to gain control over a civilian parliament.

Godspeed, Aung!

Soe Than Win/Agence France-Presse — Getty Images

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Cats On Acid

This week, Goodopal Willie tells a joke from a noisy red pixelated watering hole.

Don’t Look Any Further

Dennis Edwards. There is nothing more to say. The man is as sexual as sexual gets. Giant LOLs.

No Need To Toy With The Title: Coolio Samples Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish

National Public Radio has been catching a lot of flack in the past weeks for firing Juan Williams, over-representing the left, and for an undying allegiance to the National Socialist Party. Just yesterday, the GOP unsuccessfully tried to pull its federal funding. With the incoming Republican majority, future attempts are all but guaranteed.

Everyone has the right to make an argument for or against public radio, but we can all surely agree that any news outlet that pairs Pepto-Bismoly Thanksgiving relishes with Coolio commentary has good things going.

You take some cranberry
A little bit of horseradish
And some onions.
Now I got a relish fetish.
Mama Stamberg
That’s what you heard.

It’s Coolio, not Stamberg
With some cranberries
And a little bit of onion, y’all.
And some horseradish.
Now I got a fetish
For that relish.
And it’s Pinkout.
Better pull your drink out.

It turns out that when not walking through the valley of the shadow of death, Coolio’s cooking. Veteran NPR announcer Susan Stamberg had the foresight to pitch the chef her “Mama Stamberg’s Cranberry Relish.” After some initial color-induced hesitation, Coolio endorsed the recipe and even added some Thai hot sauce for a Blasian (Black-Asian) kick. And people say public radio’s bland…

The luscious recipe and equally delicious audio are up at NPR’s progressive page on the World Wide Web.

A Happy Thanksgiving from all at Goodosphere.
A Happy belated Canadian Thanksgiving to friends north of the 49th.

Double Down: Crosby, Smith, Springsteen, & Young

In a rare performance, Neil Young and The Boss took to Jimmy Fallon’s stage two nights ago to rep for hair, back and forth. The seminal rockers covered Willow Smith’s Internet sensation and confidence builder “Whip My Hair.” True to his name, Young appears to be getting younger by the day:

And we’d be remiss to exclude the original, in which the precocious, 10-year-old Willow Smith brings the party to an otherwise bland room of youngsters:

MS Paint Current Events: The Dyke Aquatic

By now you’ve probably heard that Dick Van Dyke claims he was recently rescued by porpoises who pushed him to shore after he fell asleep on his surfboard. The 84-year-old Van Dyke shared his story during a recent appearance on the Craig Ferguson show.

The veteran star said when he awoke far from shore and surrounded by fins, he feared it was the end. But Van Dyke was surprised when the creatures…

“…turned out to be porpoises. And they pushed me all the way to shore.”

Unfortunately, the incident wasn’t captured on film. So, here’s our Goodosphere MS Paint artist’s conception of what went down: