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We Don’t Do Stereotypes, We Do Good

Some say it’s “Russia in One Photo.” We say that honor’s taken. Instead, we give you fun in one photo:

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: The Christopher Mulhern Edition

Let’s give Chris a traditional Goodosphere welcome, everyone. You get the tar, I’ll get the feathers.

A Few Good Minutes With Andy Rooney

I seldom agree with everything Andy Rooney has to say at the end of every Sunday broadcast of 60 Minutes. I doubt anyone does. After all, he’s said some pretty stupid things. Still, the man serves an unmistakable purpose.

After gut-wrenching tales of environmental exploitation, cholera, and unimaginable loss, one pines for something fluffy i.e) the musings of a 91-year-old pratler.

Andy’s body seems to be in retirement (see: his formerly stiff upper lip’s clearly getting to know gravity), but his mind’s still as sharp as it ever was.

Some would say he’s the Helen Thomas of the television news world–that he should have taken a pension and a retirement party a couple of decades ago. I say he’s a national treasure. His commentaries may not be insightful, researched, or beneficial to the national discourse, but he sure does that crotchety crab bit like no one else. When he takes the odd week off (for eyebrow maintenance?), his absence is felt. CBS doesn’t sub anyone in his regular space. In all likelihood, they haven’t yet come up with a decent enough candidate. I hope they never have to.

May you live forever, Andy Rooney.

Aiden’s Monsters (With A Double Down Of Marshmellows)

Aiden's Dracula

The Goodosphere is all about the Good causes, and today we bring you Aiden’s Monsters. Aiden Reed is 5 years old, and before he was diagnosed with leukemia his favourite thing to do was draw monsters. With his parents snowed under due to chemo bills, his aunt had an idea to make prints and sell them on Etsy. Her plan was to try and sell 60. So far? The tally is 2460. So readers, support a good cause and buy one of Aiden’s Monsters! Haven’t you been looking for some art anyway?

And like all Double Downs, here is a completely unrelated, ridiculously cute video: The Marshmellow Test!

The Beast

The perceived costs of El Presidente’s trip to Asia has caused quite a stink in the “news media.” Some ace journalists in India “leaked” a report that put the costs of transporting Obama’s entourage, helicopters, and vehicles in the neighborhood of $200 million. Since then, a number of reps from the Pentagon and White House have publicly chortled at the allegations, but it seems that everyone is missing the point:

If you had a real live Batmobile at your disposal, you’d take it everywhere too.

(click to enlarge Caddy One)

Good Moves: Football Edition

With baseball over, tennis long gone, basketball a foregone conclusion, and hockey broadcasting exclusively on some elusive nether channel, it’s no surprise that the only game in town these days is football. The word on the street is that the real juicy groundbreaking stuff is being played out in the high school divisions:

Double Down: Death By Vinyl

There are all sorts of interesting ways to part with the world these days. Chief among them is having your ashes pressed into your favorite songs on vinyl. After all, life is fleeting and vinyl is forever.

The United Kingdom’s And Vinyly recently began offering a macabre menu of alternatives to your standard burial or cremation. In addition to really becoming a part of your favorite LP, you can have your ashes baked into a recording of a personal message or your will.

And Vinyly founder Jason Leach told Wired UK that the idea arose after he realized that he was “getting a bit old.” He had read about an American who went out with a bang after having his ashes blended together with some gunpowder and incorporated into a fireworks show (also the way Chief Gonzo Hunter S. Thompson went after the initial gunpowder) and decided that music lovers deserved to be incorporated into their favorite aural explosions.

In keeping with the traditions of the funeral industry, And Vinyly provides a full range of options to “live on from beyond the groove.” You get 24 minutes of audio, custom album artwork, and 30 records all for the nominal fee of a ton (£2,000).

How do they get the ashes into the vinyl, you ask? It’s a lot like the old tale of the files in the computer. Essentially, they just go about business as usual with the addition of a ritualistic sprinkling of the ashes before the “puck” is pressed. You can use your imagination around the 3:15 mark in this video courtesy of The History Channel:

The crippling question obviously becomes ‘Which songs will follow R. Kelly’s Ignition (Remix)?’ It’s an epic quandary that could drive one to just settle on a nice, traditional promession. If you do decide to set a record, be sure to ask for some of that triple decker Jack White vinyl.

Thanks to DGA.

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: The Ladle

Sorry, guys.

We Were Promised Jet Propelled Wingsuits

What they never told us was that we would have to build them ourselves.


Swiss adventurer Yves Rossy (no relation) has been toiling away at backpack jetflight for years now. His accomplishments are many: He’s flown across the English Channel, over the Alps, and just yesterday ducked out of a hot-air balloon near Lake Geneva and completed two aerial lops before parachuting back to terra firma.

Rossy is now waiting on the powers that be to grant him permission to self-jettison across the Grand Canyon. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer is looking askance at the daredevil, who’s rumored to be a flight risk.

Look Who’s Talking 4: Look Harder

Inexplicably, we haven’t had an animal post in some time. Let’s correct course with cats:

Thanks, Nicole.