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Goodosphere Tells A Joke: LOVE!

Nim & Alex (& Charles) prepared this very special Goodosphere Tells A Joke segment. Aww.

“L is for the way you laugh at me.” – Nat “King” Cole (not really)

A Self-ish Valentine’s

You can’t knock Valentine’s Day in a down economy.

The restaurants, florists, confectionistas, and psychiatrists need the money. In an unstable time, love can be a crutch, a much-needed constant. Or, if you’ve been extra unlucky as of late, it can be an evil sorcerer, the bane of existence.

At Goodosphere, we deal in positivity, but draw the line at delusion. Valentine’s Day alone is Disneyland experiencing difficulties with Space Mountain. It’s the Superbowl without Prince or a wardrobe malfunction.

So, what’s to be done?

After a number of editorial meetings in dimly lit rooms, we’ve come up with a somewhat unorthodox solution to the exclusivity of February 14: self-love.

Before you stop reading to purchase some scented oils, let’s clarify.

Instead of yearning for that Facebook friend or wallowing in the pit of a tryst that turned into some ugly, unrequited love, why not bask in the sexiness of the self?

That’s right, baby. You! Numero uno! You can’t begin to love anything if you don’t love yourself and Valentine’s Day is as good a time as any to draw a big heart in the sky and jump right through it.

Make this Valentine’s Day something of a Thanksgiving. You’re not Javier Bardem in Biutiful. For that matter, you’re not even a King with a stutter and a Nazi-sympathizing brother. You are good human with love to give and that warrants celebration.

We say get out of bed and paint the town red! When relationships end, remember you have friends! If you’re down on your luck, go out for a… bottle of Two Buck Chuck.

On second thought, forget the Chuck. Get out and meet people. Commiserate! Copulate? There must be an endless supply of singles out there looking to carouse in celebration of St. Valentine. Just don’t sit this one out. Love thyself as thy neighbor.

Happy Valentine’s Day from Goodosphere.

This post originally appeared in the exemplary weekly altSCV.

Euphoria A La Egypt

After 18 days of protests, a victory we hope prevails.

Suhaib Salem / Reuters

The Cuddling Of America

I like a good puff piece as much, nay, more than the next guy. I’m also a big fan of polls and studies that have dubious value or remind us of simple truths that are basically common sense. I know this sounds sarcastic, but I mean it- really I do. With that fact in mind, imagine how excited I was when I read about a new poll conducted by AP and Weather Underground (the meteorological site not the rebels of yore) on the subject of cuddling.

Turns out, given a choice, people would rather snuggle with a special someone than turn to a blanket for warmth. I’m not really surprised, but damned if this ain’t the cutest poll I’ve come across in a long while (Puppy Bowl polls excluded).

(This is what it looks like apparently).

With all the wintry weather of late, I’d guess researchers have found cuddling is on the rise in America. Cold weather has traditionally been linked to ‘snuggling’ which might explain why more babies are born in July, August and September (according to some thing called It must be that sexy long underwear that’s so in fashion.

Anyway, just a reminder to snuggle ’em if you got ’em this winter.


Thanks to Corey Arnold and the Chronic.

Beavis and Butt-head Re-Do America

Growing up in the Great White North, my folks forbade us youngins from watching Beavis and Butt-head, The Simpsons, and Pee-wee Herman. References in the school yard fell on tragically deaf ears. Days were spent staring at the clouds in isolation. So desperate for television, we watched way too much Y&R.

The brother and I would go on to catch up with Homer and company, not really care much for Paul Reubens’ shtick, and totally resent all the days we could have spent on the couch enjoying the brilliant observations of two silly saps sitting on a couch. Good thing they’re coming back!

After the unmitigated failure of Jersey Shore, MTV has decided to reach deep into its bag of tricks and pull out a pair of ringers this summer. Thus far, Mike Judge has kept mum about the particulars, but we can expect to relive our youth, live our youth for the first time, and certainly laugh a lot. Plus, if the sequel is anything like the original, it all bodes well for the music video. Some gems from the past:

Thanks, Forks!

Bermuda Has New Postal Regulations And The Gumption To Make You Care

Get yourself a cluster box, son!

Thanks, Champ!

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Chicken Coops

It’s the end of an era, folks. Goodosphere tells its last joke from the high seas:

Revolution In 140 Characters

Revolution is seldom neat. It rarely even makes it out the gate before being brutally repressed. In the upheavals of yore, state controlled media and communications networks typically made information a scarce commodity, but in the age of our good friends Twitter and Facespace there’s a whole lot of potential for organization, sharing, and demonstration with purpose.

We saw the dissemination of information via social media force some ugly moves in Iran some years back. And though there is much debate as to what role Twitter and Co. played in the recent Tunisian protests, no one’s denying that it gave vox to the populi.

In Egypt’s case, Hosni and his regime weren’t able to keep up with the characters and were forced to pull the plug.

Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images

Lucky for us they’ve sorta been unsuccessful. The eager-to-please-a-protester techies at Google and Twitter joined forces to make a “speak-to-tweet” service happen for any of the Egyptian dissidents wanting access to revolution in 140 characters.

How’s it work?

Anyone inside Egypt can totally use their “phone” to make a “phone call” to a messaging service, leave a message, and the tweet self-generates with an “#egypt” tag. Sans interwebs! And it can (between you and me and the Internet) totally be OVER 140 characters.

Google set up a blog about the new service on Monday. As of Friday morning, @speak2tweet already had close to 3000 submissions.

Viva la revolution!

Marmota Momax Day

I love me some Harold Ramis. Not only did he give us perhaps the greatest film of all time, I refer of course to Ghostbusters, but he also gave us the second greatest film to boot: Groundhog Day starring that guy from Caddyshack.

Well, ‘that guy’ is a real card and the movie is a classic, but let us not forget the true meaning of Groundhog Day: harassing some marmot in your evening wear.

Yesterday, Punxsutawney Phil calmly appeared (sans top hat), refused a cracker (surprisingly), made a Steelers shoutout and then predicted an early spring. With mega storms barreling down on the US, an early spring should be welcome news. (Just don’t look too closely at Phil’s track record).