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Good Quotations: A Tall Order

“As long as I am the man with the most giraffe tattoos on a shoulder, I will die a happy man.”

– Daniel Fowler, an Aussie who, for now, holds the record for most shoulder giraffe tattoos. He has four of them.

Fowler holds the record with the Universal Record Database (URDB). They’re trying to challenge Guinness‘ domination in the record-making industry by accepting more feats from left-field, including most bananas fit inside a pair of pants while in use.

Thanks, Chron.

Nuclear Samurai

When unconscionable tragedy strikes a people can go any number of ways. Thinking back to recent natural disasters, we’ve seen hopelessness, anger, looting, depression, and despair. We’ve also seen solidarity, perseverance, and extraordinarily stubborn commitment to the cause.

Thankfully, the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan have given way to far less of the former and much more of the latter. Case and point? The ‘nuclear samurai.’

News Group Newspapers

These real live superheroes have spent the past three weeks jeopardizing their health for the good of the Japanese people, its earth, its animals. In keeping with the general disposition of the Japanese citizenry since tragedy struck, they have done their most daunting work nobly and with very little fanfare.

The samurai have families. Some of them even have other jobs–they’re just braving the radioactive elements to provide for their people in what is certain to be tough economic times. We can assume their pay will never equal their sacrifice.

Let’s hear it for the heroes.

Sup Brah?

Zoltan Torkos of S an ta Cr uz, California recently completed a feat sure to make boarders of all varieties green with envy and make Torkos some green.

That’s because Volcom, purveyor of stones, was offering $10,000 to whomever could pull off a kick-flip. A kick-flip, that is… on a surfboard.

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Dino Destruction

Double Down: Holy Holi

As we’ve seen this week–without even going to Mardi Gras, cherry blossoms, rattlesnake roundups or venturing too far out of a Western survey–spring means a lot of things to a lot of people. When you look beyound our continental confines, there’s no telling how far away from March Madness you’ll get.

If you end up in Ivrea, Italy you can enjoy or dodge the tiny town’s annual Orange Throwing festival. There’s always some revelry in Brazil during Carnival. And if you prefer to recognize rebirth with the essence of life, Buddhist monks in Japan start a big fire before dousing the flames during the annual Omizutori or Water-Drawing Festival.

It seems no matter where you end up, be it hemisphere north or south, east or west, there is a time of year designated to the richness of life, the potential for rebirth, the vibrancy and colors that make the experience glorious. And nowhere are the springtime colors more glorious than in Nepal, Sri Lanka, and chiefly India during Holi.

Mahesh Kumar / AP

Kevin Frayer / AP

Every spring the region’s Hindus unite to celebrate spring with prayer, food, hijunks, bonfires, and, quite literally, tons of colored powder. It’s all in honor of young Prahlad who miraculously escaped a demoness. It’s all about devotion, hope, and endurance. It’s about showing your true colors. Happy Spring, 2011!

Navesh Chitrakar / AP

Mario Tama / Getty Images

Thanks to The Big Picture.

Spring Means You Need An Umbrella-ella-ella, And Maybe Galoshes

Springtime Means Easter And Easter Means JESUS!

To those of us recovering from being raised in religious households, springtime definitely conjures memories of Easter. Delicious Cadbury Creme Eggs, unbearably long mass, and good ol’ Jesus. Worry not, Good-O-Readers, our site isn’t about to get preachy on you. No, this post is going to be about something everyone can agree on.


Whether you side with Sondheim or Webber (both of whom coincidentally share yesterday as their birthday), I think we can all agree that musicals are the bees knees. What’s your favourite? A lil’ bit of Phantom? West Side Story? South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut? (If it’s not the latter, that link might change your mind.) Do you prefer your musicals on the serious side or laugh out loud funny?

Musicals might be more popular in mainstream culture than ever at this moment, with Wicked breaking records across the country and Glee being pumped non-stop across our airwaves, into our radios, and all over the music charts. (DISCLAIMER: The Good-O-Editorial might be more inclined to agree with Dave Grohl on the subject of Glee, but we still approve of its super-gay message and general musicality.)

My favourite musical? The answer brings us right back to the subject of this post, and of course is Jesus Christ Superstar. It’s surprising that a musical about Jesus would ever have been made let alone such a fun, oddly-political, irreverent take on the subject matter. The 1973 film remains my favourite version. The oh-so-dated but still spectacular style, gorgeous locations, and Carl Anderson’s emotionally stirring performance as Judas Iscariot stand up to this day. To those medically licensed in the state of California as well as to those not, I say, watch this film!

P.S. My personal favourite track is actually ‘Simon Zealotes‘ but even I thought that might be a little too out there.

P.P.S. Yes, I’m aware that my connection to our Spring Week theme was tenuous at best. Please don’t harsh my mellon.

Good-O-Photo: The First Day Of Spring

Via National Geographic, who aim to educate us on all the equinox-related questions that fill our mind today.

Goodosphere Series: SPRING vol. I

All this week we’re going to feature photos and videos that capture that annual institution, that restorative season of rebirth: spring.

To kick things off we bring you these playful pachyderms enjoying a springtime dip at the Houston Zoo:

Thanks A.McA.

Double-Down: Compassionate Canines

The more I know about people, the better I like my dog.” – Mark Twain

In light of recent world events, some of you might be developing some un-Goodosphere-like attitudes about your fellow man or at least a few of them. But do not despair! We need only look to man’s best friends for a shining example of how to treat each other.

This Japanese video is making headlines worldwide. It shows a camera crew stumbling upon a frantic pooch amidst the destruction in the Arahama area of Japan. As it turned out, the lovable mutt had been faithfully watching over another dog- presumably a chum- who’d been injured in the disaster.

If the loyalty and compassion dogs are capable of was in doubt- here’s another testament to it from deep in the Goodo-archives:

Looks like good ol’ Mark (or Sam) had it right a 100 years ago.