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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Hope you have half as much fun as this guy is.


Having ‘the talk’ with your kids can be difficult, scary or confusing. When is the right time? How can you be frank without overwhelming your child? And what is the proper stance on Jar Jar Binks?

Luckily, some folks at Asylum have created this important public service announcement to help you through the process.

Thanks to John B.

Sax Bomb

i’m never gonna dance again
guilty feet have got no rhythm
though it’s easy to pretend
i know you’re not a fool

should’ve known better than to cheat a friend
and waste the chance that i’ve been given
so i’m never gonna dance again
the way i danced with you

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: The Doubtful Polar Bear

It’s no secret that we have an affinity for puppets at Goodosphere, so it’s about time we brought you a joke told by our handiest friends:

Thanks, Katie O.

Double Down: That’s Some Mighty Fine Cultural Tourism There

People slam Vampire Weekend and their ilk for aping Afropop and committing gross acts of cultural tourism in the name of selling records. Unicorns say the band just lazily mines the territory already explored by Paul Simon on Graceland. We say the world is way too wild a place to fight over music.

Cultural tourism doesn’t have to be a pejorative label. Undoubtedly, when a band reappropriates a region’s art, culture, and customs, it only spreads awareness and understanding. And who are all these young turks coming out in Africa’s defense anyway? It sure didn’t seem like Zimbabwe had any beef with a preppy white boy jocking their style circia 1987 (karaoke friendly):


I saw this and thought how sweet it was that these pandas were working together. Adorable really.

Then I couldn’t help but think of another clever animal that uses teamwork for more nefarious purposes:

My point? Don’t turn your back on one of these:

Good Quotations: Reaching The Apeex

Tenzing and I had spent a good part of the previous night quaffing copious quantities of hot lemon drink and, as a consequence, we arrived on top with full bladders. Having just paid our respects to the highest mountain in the world, I then had no choice but to urinate on it.”

— The late, great Sir Edmund Hillary on scaling Mount Everest in 1953

You Can Teach A Young Dog New Tricks

Thanks, Kells!

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: The Future (Of Banjos)

Gay Obama

Maybe you’ve heard President Obama has a new Twitter account? @GayObama has been spitting out gems like “Just met the first Boehner I didn’t like.” and “Things I am *so* over: Ke$ha, Tea Party, cupcakes. In that order.” for about a week now. Some poor sap behind the scenes at The Daily Show is actually crafting the tweets. As it were, the catalyst for the whole thing was something we Year Two folks like to call ‘good.’

You see, Mr. Obama recently decided there was no real constitutionality to this thing called the “‘Defense’ of Marriage Act.” The upshot? Well, for one, it’s a whole lot more likely that Prop h8 will drop off the face of this planet sooner than later. Moreover, the Justice Department is pretty much sanctioning gay marriage, which means it’s only a matter of time before the Congress and courts catch up. That’s more civil rights for some real defenders of the act of marriage–people who still thirst for it, even after Larry King.

Not only has Gay Obama taken the country two steps closer to finally treating homosexuals as equals, but the man’s using his status as appointer-in-chief to break the heretofore impenetrable glass ceiling that has prevented openly gay members of this thing from serving in the executive office. A week ago, he appointed one Jeremy Bernard the new social secretary–that’s the person who throws the parties. You gotta start somewhere.