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Double Down: Lynchian Lunch

You never want to let your quinoa preparation become unnecessarily complicated. The exception to that rule is letting David Lynch unnecessarily complicate your quinoa preparation. You definitely want to do that:

Thanks, @tessaestuart.

Good Government… Well, At Least A Good Government Getup

As you may have noticed, there’s an orgy of ugliness coming out of Washington these days. If you’re paying attention, you’re probably looking for that glimmer of hope and, well, here’s something that at the very least isn’t at all bad (courtesy of the Guardian):

On Monday night, viewers of BBC2’s Newsnight were served an undoubtedly vital, but rather dry discussion between two US politicians about their nation’s looming “debtaggedon”. But the moment the satellite link-up patched through to the two men standing together on Capitol Hill, all watching eyes were quickly diverted to Earl Blumenauer, a Democrat congressman from Oregon.

Even Jeremy Paxman couldn’t resist, ending the interview with the query: “Can I just ask you, Mr Blumenauer, what is that extraordinary green bicycle on your lapel?”

“Well, I am aggressively ‘bike partisan’,” replied Blumenauer, “and this is the congressional bike caucus membership pin.”

The Goods officially can’t wait to see pictures of this man’s junk sitting in his bicycle pattern underwear uploaded to the World Wide Web.

Assimiliate THIS!

A close, personal friend of the Goods recently got a gig at SyFy and to celebrate the station aired Star Trek: First Contact last night. Clearly programming choices are already improving with the arrival of this Young Turk of ours.

In honor of our favorite Alabaster Skeleton, here’s Commander Worf’s outright endorsement of accommodation:

Congrats, Nico!

The Bard Abides

You may know Scientologist Jim Meskimen from his work on Whose Line Is It Anyway?, where he sometimes made funny faces and did impressions. They say if it not be broketh, need not thou fix it:

Thanks, Robert.

Let’s Hear It For New York

Concrete jungle where dreams are made of…

Thanks to Michael Appleton (NYT), Carolyn Cole (MCT) and Mario Tama (Getty Images).

Holy Cornholio

Back in February we relayed our excitement over the return of America’s favorite couch papas. Now, there’s a glimpse of an upcoming show that proves it’s true: Beavis and Butt-Head return to our collective consciousness this year. We’ll likely never be the same, again.

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He Can’t Make You Love Him, But You Will

Bon takes on Bonnie:

Bon Iver – Can’t Make You Love Me/Nick of Time from Matt on Vimeo.

Thanks, Tessa.

1 + 1

= 2

Funny Faces For The Futureheads

Our parents told us to quit making funny faces, but it’s paying off for these hellions:

Going Green (With Algae)

A young one’s dream: A child wades in the algae-filled coastline of Qingdao, China.

Thanks, Mirror.