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Thank Her Later

Thanks, Nick.

Double Down: Even If Krishna Were To Meet A Lovelorn Gopi In The Grove

We started the week of dance with a youngin’ at a ball game. We end with a bunch of Indians taking a break from learning the game of cricket to throw shapes:

Bonus round:

The Carlton

It’s not unusual (*WINK*) for modern dance video clips to go viral, as we’ve seen throughout the week. But what about the classics? WHO IS GOING TO STAND UP FOR THE CLASSICS?

I am!

Take a couple of minutes out of your horrible work day to smile the way no one but Carlton can make you.

Come back to us, Alfonso!

Mascot Steals Show

It’s hard to upstage the Harlem Globetrotters. This cat pulls it off:

A Funky Dance With The Face Of A Cliff

Master climber Catherine Destivelle busts some stunning moves on the face of a Malian cliff. The locals give her the stamp of approval for the feat:

The Swag, Bro… The Swag

Goodosphere spends this fine summer’s week celebrating dance. The festivities begin with this prodigious minor throwing shapes and stealing the show at Seattle’s Safeco Field:

Double Down: Watch Out For Your Good Friends, Let Them Out

Thanks, Nick!

Listen To The Lion