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New York City Signs, Warning You To Be Aware, With Haiku Poems

New York City, today we tip our hats to you. As the times adroitly reported in full haiku, the City has erected a dozen different artsy safety signs featuring haikus from poet John Morse, who says the poetry “…underscores the reality here, the harshness of, what is the brutality of traffic. That’s a very significant thing.”

New York’s DOT Commissioner Janette Sadik-Khan says, “We’re putting poetry into motion with public art to make New York City’s streets even safer. These signs complement our engineering and education efforts to create a steady rhythm for safer streets in all five boroughs.”

That’s a good sign.

A Silent Guardian, A Watchful Protector, A Couch Potato

Thanksgiving 2011 is over and done with and we’re days away from December. If you’re getting ready for the proximate holidays and looking for a gift idea we have only one to offer, but it may open those pearly gates to a life of reclusion and unsanctioned crime fighting.

Thanks, Happs.

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice, Beetlejuice

Goodospere’s Nimbus 2000 thought Arrested Development had the prize wrapped for how detailed you could make a sitcom over the years, but thinks the recently limboed Community just stole the crown. Three mentions of Beetlejuice over three different seasons and then? Well, watch the background after the third mention. Best easter egg ever?

Friday Dance: A Guilty Pleasure?

In an interview about his favorite movies he’s embarrassed to like Quenten Tarantino said, “I keep reading and hearing about guilty pleasure movies. I don’t understand that concept. Why would anybody feel guilty for liking or loving a movie? Or even embarrassed? Do people really have such low self-confidence? I love a lot of movies that are considered bad, but I hesitate to contribute to any ‘guilty pleasure favorites’ list, because I don’t feel guilty or embarrassed about any of them.”

We agree with that sentiment and on this blackest of Fridays present this most audacious of mashups courtesy of one DJ Lobsterdust circa 2007. It’s the kind of song one would feel guilty to enjoy if one were generally misguided about the boundaries of individual taste. It’s not blasphemy. It’s beauty. So throw some shapes to the once in a lifetime collaboration betwixt Queen, David Bowie, Bubba Sparxxx and the Ying Yang Twins. We give you Booty Pressure:

DJ Lobsterdust — Booty Pressure (Bubba Sparxxx vs. Queen) (mashup) by Rock_Mashups

Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving we decided to take a quick survey of the Greater Goodosphere Community to find out what exactly everyone’s feeling thankful for in 2011. Here’s an unedited list of the results:

My job
My health
Good friends
My education
My little family
My best friend
My large penis
My new nephew
My family (popular)
William S. Burroughs
My mom’s good health
Adventure and idealism
My oven and my woman
The love in my life (popular)
Jesse Pinkman is doing alright
Sid the Kid making his return to the ice
That I didn’t kill myself in that car crash
Oatmeal and dexterity and opposable thumbs
The HoneyBaked ham Collin was given at work
Steve Jobs did what he did while he was around
The great letter of recommendation you wrote for me
The fact that I’ve recovered from Canadian Thanksgiving
Stephen King is still doing what he does while he’s around

And our man @Awful_Economics has reminded us that in some way we’re all thankful for Ham Doggers:

In Times of Thanksgiving Travel

Whether you’re heading downstairs or across the country for Thanksgiving, we hope you have at least half as much fun as these toys:

Address Is Approximate from The Theory on Vimeo.

Thanks, Laughing Squid.

The Many Faces Of Danny Trejo

Segel Does An Impression: Anybody Want A Peanut?

Funny man and The Muppets costar Jason Segel has not shied away from doing an uncanny and near inexplicable André the Giant impression in public places. He pulled out the ace face for Paul Rudd during an improvised scene in I Love You, Man:

And now, in a rather charming SNL sketch:

Double Down: Pop Into Pop Up Video

“Originally, this video ended with a sequence of MJ vandalizing a city street with a crowbar. The segment lasted 4 minutes, during which Michael touched himself 13 times. The simulcast event scandalized a portion of its audience worldwide, black and white.”

— Pop Up Video factoid, Michael Jackson’s “Black or White”

In the dark days before Web 2.0 and Wikipedia, one turned to Pop Up Video for cheeky pop culture factoids like these. Then, darkness. Pop Up Video went away for a very long time.

A new day has dawned, though. VH1 has decided to reboot the show in the same vein as younger sibling MTV, who recently revived Beavis and Butt-head. Is this just more 90s nostalgia? The result of a lazy programming session? We say No. We say this is justice à la Family Guy or Arrested Development. Another show that should have never left the air has just been vindicated. Huzzah!

What does this mean for we the people? Why, more useless factoids, of course. Pop Up Video has been known to triple check the content of its bubbles — providing an editorial legitimacy to what’s by and large a form of mindless entertainment.

Or is it? Perhaps this is a sign that the music video remains a powerful medium; an art form worth dissecting. Pop on.



I Just Don’t Know What to Do With Myself (Pop Up Video)Free Music Videos

Mayhem At The Manor!

As you know, on Mondays we at Goodosphere try to celebrate jokes, and on Fridays we at Goodosphere try to celebrate dance. I hereby submit that on Thursdays? We celebrate Batman.

Let’s start with a brilliant piece from artist Les McClaine! It’s called Mayhem At The Manor, and it tells the tale of every Bat-villian we love to hate trying to stop Batman in his own home. Expand to the full-sized version and follow the story from room to room — the piece is so wonderfully detailed that it takes more than just a glance or two to figure out exactly what’s happening! (Personally, my favourite touch was Man-Bat in the attic.)