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Rumble In The Jungle

The Earth is speaking to us (and loudly) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Nyamulagira, the busiest volcano in Africa, has become a regular tourist attraction over the past week. Volcano types say this beast may be the biggest eruption we’ve had in some hundred years. They also posit Nyamulagira will be spewing lava, ash and smoke for weeks, so it’s not too late to pick up that plane ticket.

Thanks, MONUC/UN/Reuters.

Fussy Pussy

Thanks, Ashley.

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Mountain Bike Idiot Edition

You may remember a close friend of Goodosphere known as Christopher Mulhern. Well, he exists no longer! In his place, the Mountain Bike Idiot. MTBIdiot took a moment out of one of his banana-less mountain biking trips to tell the Goodosphere audience a joke. Ernie and Bert have also told a version of this joke, but they aren’t on mountain bikes, so why would you even click on this?

Friday Dance: Birddance

Murmuration from Sophie Windsor Clive on Vimeo.

Thanks, Sabri.

Good Quotations: Broken Social Scene

“If they call you an asshole, you challenge them! If they call you a lover, you prove it to them!”

— Broken Social Scene brainchild Kevin Drew basking in the rock star limelight one “final” time last night in Rio

God Bless The Indian Summer

Santa Cruz has its annual Indian summer in late October. It’s a glorious few weeks where people play hooky, paint the town red and bask in rare sunny mornings and hot afternoons. Goodosphere’s own Nimbus 2000 was in the 831 this year to document some of the glory. Here’s a slice of what he saw:

Double Down: Good Ads

At Goodosphere we don’t advertise. You can change that now by… J/K Rowling! We like the clean space reserved for nothing but the good. That being said, anyone should be able to appreciate a good advertisement now and again, especially one crafted with the help of his or her favorite directors, musicians or actors. Here are two exemplary cuts, both fresh and vintage:

The Boy Scouts of America:

Nike (featuring the late, crazed Dennis Hopper):

Thanks, Pollie.

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Triumph & The 99%

Coco spent last week broadcasting his show from New York City. He brought Triumph the Insult Comic Dog along to work the crowds. The foul-mouthed, one-track minded canine found an especially captive one down at Zuccotti Park. The joke telling and prank-pulling quickly ensued…

Friday Dance: How You Like Your Eggs?

On The Seventh Day He Tackled

Thanks, Layne Murdoch/Getty Images and the Post du Canada.