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Friday Dance: You Can Dance, Dance. Everybody Dance.

Super Mario House

Why spend all your time on the internets when you can make weird, ridiculous things FOR the internets? That was the question no doubt asked by Marcus and Hannes Knutsson before they travelled through their entire house to re-create Super Mario World, with a few of their own little touches.

What though, no yellow cape?

Enter The Wu (At Harvard)

If you’re anything like us the first thing you think of when you hear “Harvard University” is “Wu-Tang Clan” — at least since the GZA showed up for a speaking engagement.

The Genius was invited by the Harvard Black Men’s Forum to speak and rhyme to Hardvarks about his inspirational past — the rags-to-riches bit from rap battles to world tours with the Wu. It was probably the first time the words “Ol’ Dirty Bastard” were uttered in sequence by the cat at the lectern in a Harvard Hall. It will likely never happen again.

Word has it the hyper-humbled rapper started out a little nervous before quickly winning over the overflowing audience with tales about trying to make it while being a bike messenger in New York. He spent some time on the state of hip-hop since Wu peaked and left the stage with these worthy words:

“Live a life full of humility, gratitude, intellectual curiosity, and never stop learning. Peace!”

Thanks for the heads up, Logan Hans-Jurgen Puck! Thanks for the images, Sophie Chang!

The Case Of The Guilty Dog

If you’re thinking of starting your own Goodosphere here’s a word to the wise: Be ready to constantly battle moral quandaries.

We have to curate the good and pass on the bad. We struggle with editorial stances on politics, potentially offensive comedy and Arnold. Another battle we face is whether or not something’s already had enough love on the Interwebs. The old “If it’s been everywhere it doesn’t really need to be here” policy. Here’s the thing, though: You never really know who has seen what. 14,000,000 people, for example, have probably chortled their livers out watching a guilty dog on YouTube, but maybe our readers haven’t.

So, by the off chance you haven’t yet enjoyed what must be the Best Animal Video of 2011, here is that aforementioned guilty dog:

Thanks, CC.

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Wait Wait… A Funny!

This Monday’s laugh comes from the good people over at WBEZ in Chicago, who were sent this California artist’s rendering of what public radio personalities look like in his head. Our favorites are unsurprisingly Click, Clack, Carl and Kai (he actually looks like that).

Thanks, Sabri.

Friday Dance: Knock Boots

If you’re north of the equator there’s a good chance that some kind of inclement weather is replacing that which was warm. As we head into the weekend, why not take a moment to throw some shapes and knock some boots to get that blood pumping? As many have before us, we take a moment to look back on how gloriously early 90s H-Town was when they did the same.

Thanks, Tiny P.

The Hardest Working Band In Show Business

The Roots perform with varying controversy every weeknight on The Jimmy Fallon Show. On Tuesday they got to be the musical guest too. Being sage students of marketing, the band chose to play a medley of cuts from its latest concept effort undun, which chronicles the downfall of a modern day man. The performance is proof that you can glean a thing or two watching some of the best musicians in the world playing their hearts out every night. It was transcendent. It was good.

Upcycled In India

Somewhere in Northern India outside New Delhi there exists a garden unlike any other — one sought out not for its serene landscapes or spiritual significance, but for the peaceful inhabitants made of wire, concrete and stone that call it home.

Just over half a century ago, Nek Chand — a lowly city planner and self-taught artist — began working on the Rock Garden of Chandigarh. Over a six month period he secretly constructed an escape for Indian gods, birds, mosaic animals and families of smiling figures. He constructed the garden’s treasure out of trash. He did it under fear of reprimand only to find a world willing to travel to the middle of nowhere to pay a nominal fee and duck under a small doorway into his imagination.


A couple of weeks ago at a Goodosphere editorial meeting we bandied about the idea of making a movie entirely using a smartphone. Then, last week, just as we were getting geared up for pre-production on Trials and Tribulations of the Tribe, we saw this article over at the Times of Los Angeles. Thanks for saving us some work, guys. Also, good moves.

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Smelly Snowmen