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The Best Medicine

We usually post jokes on Mondays. We’re switching things up for the first Monday of 2013 and just going with the intended outcome. May your year be filled with the best medicine.

Laughs! from Disposable Film Festival on Vimeo.

Thanks, Mwende!

Good Vacations

We’re taking a vacation in these parts. We imagine it will look something like this. See you in February. Stay Good and take a look at those archives–there’s plenty to keep your spirits high.

Smart Phones, Animals, And Karma

Thanks, Robert.

Holy, Holy, Holy

It’s 2012. We plan on spending much of the year readying ourselves for London, the apocalypse, and the breaking of the Bat. It looks like some old friends are equally excited.

Sun Over Earth

The view from the International Space Station circa July of 2003. Let’s have a Good year, guys.

Thanks to NASA and NPR.

A Different Kind Of Dance

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Happy New Anus

It’s a New Year! Or a New Anus! It all depends on our old friend “ñ”.