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Going Soylent Green

True, Man

“My choices in life were either to be a piano player in a whore house or a politician. And to tell the truth, there’s hardly any difference!”

— President Harry S. Truman, who refused the Medal of Honor, declined powerful posts, and drove himself home to Missouri after leaving office

Spin The Wheel

Valentine’s Day came and went one month ago today. We share with you this amorous moment just in case some of the romance has fizzled out. Buy a vowel. Solve the puzzle. Love.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Apes

Thanks, Andrew!

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Liver & Cheese

Office Space In Music Video Form

Because it’s Friday…

Thanks, Robert.

Game On!

Video games are an art form. Don’t believe us? Ask the Smithsonian American Art Museum! The savvy curators out in Washington are gearing up to open The Art of Video Games on March 16. In between panel discussions with video game pioneers, photo opportunities with costumed Koopas, and busy gaming stations, the 40-year evolution of gaming will be traced with video clips, stil limages, and actual consoles. It’s a big move for our favorite games, from the Atari VCS to the PS3, from the comfort of our couches to the biggest of galleries.

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Tickling The Ivories

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The Perils Of Voice Acting

We all know Tim Daly from The Sopranos. (Ok, more people probably know him from Private Practice or Wings.) But did you know he also plays Superman in the DC Animated Universe? And Nathon Fillion, we definitely all know him from Firefly, (fine! you win, mainstream America — Castle), but did you know he’s also the Green Lantern?

The thing about voice acting is that it’s more dangerous than you might think. Sam Daly, Tim’s son and occasional Office guest-star, is here to tell us all about it.

Goodosphere Tells Two Jokes: Bon Rire

There are two facts no one in this world can deny:

1) Bon Iver is the Best New Artist.
2) Bon Iver’s music makes for decent comedy.