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Call Us Overdue

Carly Rae Jepsen finally hit #1 on the Billboard charts, so we figured it would be a good time to acknowledge the Canadian phenom. The original music video’s lovely enough, but this one speaks to the universal hysteria much better. Happy Friday!

Ride The Wave

Thanks, Steve.
Happy Birthday, Steve.

Hamlet The Pig Goes Down Stairs

This One’s For The Great One…And Michael Scott

I Want To Be Batman In (Almost) Every Way

Thanks, Batman.

This Dance Is Peanuts

Thanks, Christophern.

A Victimless Crime

Thanks to Steve and KBKW.

Cops Don’t Know The Power Of The Dark Side

Strange and wonderful things happen all the time. Thanks to the Internet, we get to see a far greater number of them these days. Most times, the mystery is far better than the explanation, which, in this case, you can find over at Gothamist. Without any further ado, we present Darth Vader trying to whine his way out of a parking ticket:

Never Forget

Practical Jokes: Biergarten Edition