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Have A (Final) Summah!

It’s July 9, 2012. There may never be another July 9. In the words of Howard Kremer, have yourself an unforgettable summah! We’re hitting the road to spread the Good around North America. In the meantime, we recommend you:

1) See The Dark Knight Rises

2) See The Dark Knight Rises again

3) Follow our journey on the Twitter or the Instagram

4) Check out our critically acclaimed coverage of the Kings’ victory

5) Hit the archives

See you in August.

Star-Spangled Batter

Good Job, Good Effort (Especially True Now)

Happy 4th From Southern California

A Bench For All Seasons

You see a lot of benches, but how often do you notice one? Well, we’re willing to bet you’d take note of the exceptionally long seat sitting by the beach in Littlehampton, England–and not just because it’s one of the longest on the third planet.

Panda Tells Animal Joke