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Victor Cruz Can Dance


Carl Sagan Of Mars

In our more reflective, melancholic moments, I’m sure we all wonder what we’re going to miss after we die. Whether it’s personal — our children, grandchildren — or on a grander scale. In my own moments of reflection, as exciting as it is to be alive during our first baby steps into space… I can’t help but wonder, in awe, about the incredible things we will do and lengths we will travel in a future that I sadly won’t be alive to see.

Carl Sagan was arguably more reflective than any of us, and I find comfort in knowing that he felt the same way. He knew the inevitable would come after his death, regardless of budget cuts or a continuously pervasive lack of wonder, and he left a message.

A message for the travelers to Mars.

Still Getting Over Yesterday’s Post

Thanks, Junior Zigs.

A Joke Of Olympic Proportions

Thanks, Robert!

Welcome Back To Goods, Gangnam Style

Summer isn’t over yet, and let’s celebrate that with the best surprise single of the summer! From the Berklee School Of Music’s very own PSY, it’s CONDOM STAR GANGNAM STYLE!

Just Me And My Shadow On Mars (NBD)

Make It Jamaica!

Jamaica’s been getting lots of love lately: Rapper, producer, actor, and football coach Snoop Dogg recently transformed into Snoop Lion after an epiphanic trip to the island nation; it picked up some of the most serious hardware available at the London Olympics; and its jerk chicken is an absolute hit out on Martha’s Vineyard.

All of this comes at the exact time Jamaica is celebrating the golden jubilee of its independence from the United Kingdom–fifty years of freedom. Jah would be most pleased.

You’d think this would be an opportune time for Jamaica to update some of its tourist materials. You would be wrong: They just need to dust off the classics sitting on the shelves. Touristic gold!

Table Tennis Sans Table And Other Olympic Feats

How do you capture the endless stream of inspiring moments at the Olympics? Video? Photo? Audio? Text? GIFs? Well, as you can tell, all of the above. Still, there’s something to be said about a solitary image–something like it’s worth a thousand words, a thousand frames, a thousand GIF glitches.

Thankfully, there are lots of images to be had. In fact, thanks to various licensing agreements, it’s actually far easier to find photos online than video. The LA Times posted an exceptional collection of photos captured by stationary cameras yesterday. Here’s our absolute favorite:

Still G.O.O.D.: The Light Knight Jokes

We’re back. A lot’s changed since we’ve been gone: We’ve returned to Mars. We’ve begun international sporting competition. Matisyahu cut all his hair off. Not all of the developments have been good. Some have been particularly tragic and offensive. But that’s why we do what we do. It’s Good to be back.

And without further ado, a reminder that you can’t keep a good Knight down: A number of tapes from the set of The Dark Knight Rises recently leaked. In them, you can hear actors Morgan Freeman and Christian Bale discussing various aspects of their lives, the Batman stories, and the industry. One snippet is particularly well-suited to induce chortles on your Monday morning–something we like to help happen.

Good to see you again.