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What Do Cookie Monster, Carly Rae Jepsen, Elmo, And LMFAO Have In Common?

Today marks the end of our first ever Animal Week here at Goods. We’ve seen daredevil cats, embattled dogs, and other unimaginable glory, but how to end it all? Well, it’s Friday, so we thought it best involve music and dance to keep a tradition alive. But animals singing and dancing? That’s sorta rare outside of children’s entertainment.

WAIT! That’s it! We’ll turn to children’s entertainment, where our favorite childhood babysitter fill-ins are constantly covering pop songs to keep up with the viral video times. If you’ve been waiting for that definitive take on Call Me Maybe, the Cookie Monster has got your back. If you’ve been waiting to hear Elmo get a new song already, your time has finally come.

Stingray X-ray

Thanks, Ken Jones & Dr. T.

Lemon The Dog V. Lemon The Fruit

We brought you a funny cat on Monday, and life’s all about balance, so here’s a funny dog trying its best to snack on a lemon. The problem is the thing is just too damn citrusy. Hilarity ensues. Or at least repetition ensues.

Thanks, Melloy!

Bee Careful!

A: Honey, what should I wear to work today?

B: How about fifty pounds of bees?

A: Sounds good!

This happened recently in Hunan Province, China. Dude ended up coming in second at the good ol’ bee-wearing contest. The swarm was supposedly lured over by a queen bee in a cage. E. Gad.

Thanks, NatGeo!

Double Down: Kitty Corliss Makes A Funny

But you won’t understand it unless you’ve seen the daredevil extravaganza that is Grinding The Crack. About 20,000,000 of you have, so there’s a chance. Here it is just in case you haven’t:

So a parody would benefit from AWOLNATION’s glitchy extreme sport-inspiring Sail and some sort of satirical stunt, right? Well, it couldn’t get much better than a sneaky cat dodging in and out of sight before taking a bold leap. It couldn’t and it doesn’t:

Summah’s Over? Give Me Art!

Looking forward to spending some more time indoors? Neither are we. Still, there are advantages…You can get to know your neighborhood history museums, your local library, your art galleries. May your experience be half as transcendent as this one. Also, may it lead to dance.

PASSION PIT “I’ll Be Alright”, Official Video, Directors cut from Greg Barth on Vimeo.

Thanks, Font.

Summah’s Over? Deconstruct My Superheroes

As goes the summer goes the summer blockbuster. Don’t expect too many sequels, Pixar releases, or movies that end in ‘man’, in the coming months. Instead, settle into the independent cinemas. Get to know a good bildungsroman. Try and get yourself excited for the coming sure-to-be-radical-but-also-a-total-downer release by Paul Thomas Anderson. Here to aid you in the transition is a Canadian scientist who breaks down the implausibility of Spiderman’s powers with cutesy illustrations and, you know, that polite Canadian charm thing.

Summah’s Over! But Summah’s Still Got Game

The end of summer 2012 means the end of a season of international sporting competition. Or does it? The Olympics have come and gone, but we still have another few days of the Paralympics to inspire, impress, and amaze. Here’s a primer filled with little-known facts. And here’s an image to suggest what kind of optics you can expect:

Thanks to Big Picture and Alistair Grant.

Summah’s Over? Time For Hockey!

And if summer is unofficially over we’re officially stoked for hockey! What’s that? You’re not. Wayne can help. Which is to say, Wayne can boggle the mind with superhuman feats of goal-scoring slap shots taken from midair.

Summah’s Over? Last Chance For Fireworks!

We’re marking the unofficial end of summer with a rather cohesive glance at what the 4th looked like over and around Los Angeles.

Thanks, Tessa.