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Little Tikes In Tennessee

Friend of the Goods, Mountain Bike Idiot went to Tennessee last week. This is a small slice of the American Ingenuity he saw:

Thanks, Machine. And happy birthday!

Double Down: The Best Part Of The Debate Was The Internet

We haven’t done any empirical studies or anything, but it’s plain to see that more people are turning presidential debate performances into extremely entertaining works of hilarity today than we could have ever imagined before Al Gore gave us the World Wide Web. The enjoyment isn’t limited to videos and images created in the afterglow (though that is our favorite bit): If one can’t wait for analysis he or she can turn to Twitter for a bottomless pit of acerbic jabs. Tonight brings the penultimate debate of this election season, and — before the deluge of comedy that will undoubtedly come along with it — we’re looking back at our favorites from the last fortnight.

First off would have to be Chamillionaire’s interaction with VP debate moderator Martha Raddatz. After the world got wind of her (unaired) cautionary tale about turning off cell phones, which involved her son changing her ring tone to Chamillionarie’s “Ridin‘” only to have it go off at a White House press conference, the rapper told his Twitter followers he was honored. Furthermore, he offered some lifestyle advice:

Indeed. Keep it gangsta, Martha Raddatz. Bless your soul, Chamillionaire.

Nailing down a choice tweet was the hard part. When it comes to images and video, the Internet has gone and made our job easy. Without further ado, switched hairstyles and Bad Lip Reading:

A Guy With Apple Maps Walks Into A Bar…

Thanks, Font.

A Danceable History Lesson

Stanley Phone Home

We like hockey. You may have noticed. With shots like these, it’s hard not to.

As we explored after the Los Angeles Kings’ triumph earlier this year, the Stanley Cup, awarded to the National Hockey League’s championship team ever year, spends the off-season traveling with said team’s players, staff, and management. It’s a storied tradition. During the actual season, the Cup lives at the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto and makes a few promotional and goodwill appearances here and there. The trophy spent some quality time in a grounded space shuttle earlier this year, and today, due to a highly unfortunate lockout with no end in sight, it may as well be in the farthest reaches of outer space.

Hey! NHL! Can we try and little harder to bring back hockey? Thanks!

Thanks, Tessa.

Double Trainbow

Remember the double rainbow guy? If you don’t, here’s a Wikipedia entry to refresh your memory. Not every epiphanic moment will get the 35 million YouTube views it deserves, but we’re doing our best to ensure everyone knows how excited this cat — who is a kindred double rainbow spirit — is about this train:

Thanks, Mr. Zigler.

Double Down: Art Huts, Art Scars

This is what happens when an unstoppable water balloon meats an immovable bald head:

Thanks, Mr. Sullivan.

Macklemore Tells A Joke: Thrift Shop

Seattle rapper Macklemore is a usually a pretty serious dude. His raps range from confessionals about his darkest demons to childhood dreams deferred. Not to knock the solemn stuff, but it’s nice to hear the guy take a load off with the lovely slice of levity posted below. Thrift Shop manages to tap into secondhand clothing culture without being exclusive. In fact, the entire song is about how goofy and intentionally extreme it all is. A true thrifter is about oneupmanship, but mostly because a true thrifter loves a real stylish, original joke. The video does the joke justice.

Beauty And The Beat

You probably haven’t been holding your breath in anticipation of someone planting Belle’s big expository musical scene from Beauty and the Beast in a low-income Los Angeles neighborhood, but it went and happened anyway and it can be pretty funny at times.

Thanks, Sabri!

Brewing Beer Gets A Little Hairy

What’s 34-years-old, black and white, and yeasty enough to form the foundations of your favorite new microbrew? For better or worse, the answer is this man’s beard:

John Maier (not that one) of Newport, Oregon’s Rogue Ales has been wearing the brewmaster hat for more than twenty years–almost as long as he’s been wearing that sea of salt and pepper on his cheeks and chin. Rogue’s always tinkering with the formula, and after a recent attempt to harvest yeast from its own hop yard failed, they turned to Maier’s face fur. The results should be bottled by next year, barring the apocalypse.

Thanks, Logan.