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So Long, 2012. Call Me Maybe?

In putting together Goodosphere’s official New Year’s Eve playlist, we got to thinking: How does one decide which song was the year’s best? Your Pitchforks and Rolling Stones certainly offer compelling cases, but they don’t share their metrics. Is it the catchiest? The best-selling? The most heart-warming? The most danceable? Infectious? The best video? The most-easily covered? We’re guessing it’s a combination of all of them, and that’s why the honor has to go to Call Me Maybe.

Let’s hear it one last time for 2012. Thanks for everything.

Thanks, WQXR.

A Pumpkin Leotard For All Seasons

Remember this guy from Halloween? He’s back. We’ll be back in 2013. Until then, keep dancing.

Citizen Tells A Joke: Festivus Pole

The War on Christmas is no laughing matter. Nor is the war on Festivus.

Floridian Chaz Stevens is a Festivus Fighter. It is thanks to him that locals see an 8.5 feet of PBR cans towering over a nativity scene and Menorah outside of Deerfield Beach’s fire station. Stevens was girding for a fight when he made the request for a nonreligious installation to accompany the more traditional ones. Fortunately, the noted atheist and self-proclaimed attention whore didn’t get one. The city granted his request almost immediately.

According to the New Times, Stevens has some choice words for those who think the pole is an eyesore: “Ba-fucking-humbug!”

The tribute to Seinfeld is standing tall for now, but what about next year? We can only hope Stevens appeals for perpetual acknowledgement of the secular holiday. Let’s have a “Feats of Strength” and “Airing of Grievances” out in front of the firehouse!

Thanks, Tessa!

D.M.X. Double Down II: D.M.X. Destroys Rudolph

Just about two months ago we brought you a DMX Double Down that featured the once-popular rapper using Google for the first time (in 2012) and some fun Internet mashing up of his music. It was nice to see DMX trending again — though that’s not what they called it when we used to talk about his music and…extra-curriculars.

Good news: He’s back. As it turns out, the same day the ingenius New York radio station staff asked DMX to give Google a shot they also had the laudable foresight to ask him to try his luck at singing a Christmas carol. They printed out the lyrics for him and everything, but — as you’ll see in the first video below — he didn’t need any help.

As Grantland points out, there are about a dozen remarkable aspects of this performance, including his unimpeachable recollection, his ability to drop beats and vamp while recalling the lyrics, and the fact that DMX seems to really identify with the outcast-turned-hero themes of the song.

Merry Christmas from DMX:

Bonus round (all ten hours worth):

Have A #Winter

[UNPRECEDENTED EDITORIAL NOTE: The other day I was talking to my dear friend, Jeff. He’s a PHD candidate in Toronto who has something like three weeks of vacation to help kick off the winter season. Hearing of his good fortune helped me recall what it was like to check out for a few weeks in December and January to get warm and enjoy family and friends. If you don’t have a friend like Jeff, you can live vicariously through all the lucky bastards on Twitter who are spending their “#winterbreaks” tweeting about living large. — SR]

They call it the most wonderful time of the year for good reason! If you’re fortunate enough, the Holiday season means connecting with loved ones, eating elaborate seasonal treats and taking some tiiime off from work or school to vegetate, celebrate and repeat.

During the last 30 seconds spent in my office in 2012, I rejoiced with a #winterbreak tweet and to my surprise “#winterbreak” provided a lot of positive Twitter energy. One of the platform’s benefits is exploring how the rest of the world feels about, well, anything, and #winterbreak was a big old fountain of Good calls, moods, and vibes.

Some of my favorites include “@AimeeMalia: “My relationship status is sweatpants, oreos, and netflix. #winterbreak” and “@gerardo_flies: “I can’t wait till tomorrow after first period when I get home I’m taking off all of my clothes B-) #winterbreak.”

Well put, Gerardo. Let’s take our pants off and party.

A Bad Brains Christmas

Unlike most holiday music, Vince Guaraldi’s classic score to A Charlie Brown Christmas will never get old. It’s just too damn classy and subtle. We have to make that clear before sharing yet another mashup of the Peanuts favorite with alternate music. This time around it’s the hardcore punk legends, Bad Brains, and it’s good.

It’s A Bad Brains Christmas, Charlie Brown from Tad Was Here on Vimeo.

Thanks, Party Boy.

And Now, Great Moments In Mall Santa Photos

Father and daughter, both at the age of one:

Indifferent babe, cooperative Kris Kringle:

Light Hanging Guy Tells A Joke (With Lights)

What’s to be done when you hate your Christmas light-hanging gig, but you’re really good at it?

Thanks, Tessa.

All I Want For Christmas Is A Pizza Guitar

The ultimate fount of party promotion and etiquette doesn’t just live the dream — he makes dreams come true. After some internal searching on his life and bacchanalia, Andrew W. K. came up with a truly beautiful way to combine two of his biggest loves, pizza and guitars.

Appropriately set in a New York pizzeria, this PitchforkTV segment finds W. K. discussing the motivations and desires behind his custom-built deluxe pizza guitar. Like shredding, pizza is a part of the party lifestyle and this party monster’s love of music inspired this most epic ax.

Andrew W. K. wants to leave his audience wanting more…pizza, and — as far as this writer is concerned — has been a great success: pizza eating commenced halfway through the writing this post.

Yes, The Freestyle Rises

Bane wants to tell us something. I think we should listen, or it would be extremely painful. For us.