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Empire State of Hanukkah

Jay-Z Rides The J Z

Jay-Z rode the subway to one of his many shows at Barclay’s Arena a couple of months ago. Yes, it was a publicity stunt. No, it wasn’t totally rehearsed. The trip left ample room for moments of spontaneity, including sitting next to a woman who had no idea who he was. The conversation that ensued is lovely:

Dan Savage Tells A Joke?

Or maybe he’s serious. Either way, it’s enough to get Colbert out of character. Congratulations on the marriage license in Washington, Dan!

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Look At This Intsagram

CollegeHumor’s Favorite Funny Videos

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R.I.P. Jazzman

We lost Dave Brubeck yesterday. We’re remembering the jazzmaster with this video from his Kennedy Center Honors ceremony. There’s a choice moment around 3:20 where a band made up of Brubeck’s sons is revealed.


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Good Wheels

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The King Stay The King

The Wire was a show that was best taken as a whole. As one Lester Freamon put it, “All the pieces matter.” As a result, the show produced countless quotable lines, but few centerpiece scenes — its writers were too busy producing stories on a grand scale to waste too much time on short bursts of brilliance. Still, a few managed to squeak by: take that unforgettable chess scene from season one.

It’s rare that a show summarizes its truths and themes in one scene, and when it does, it best do it well. It best be unforgettable, moving, profound. SPOILER ALERT: Bodie, Wallace, and D’Angelo would all eventually lose big in the game, but here, for a moment, they got to be players.

The scene is only more powerful once you’ve watched the show from beginning to end, which didn’t go unnoticed by our own @thenimesh, who recently revisited The Wire and decided to create his own score for the famous chess scene — a tribute to the three characters and a reflection on the ferocity and strange beauty of the game.

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Captain’s Clothes

Remember this guy? He’s all growns up now, and he’s got good jokes: