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Good Quotations: John In A Cage

“I can’t understand why people are frightened of new ideas. I’m frightened of the old ones.”

— John Cage, composer, painter, Major G

Falling With Style

Wow. It takes a lot to wow these days. And…Just wow!

One glorious day in 2010, after Jonason Pauley and Jesse Perrotta witnessed the emotional roller coaster that is Toy Story 3, the duo set out to pay homage to the brilliant trilogy. What started out as an attempt to recreate one particularly compelling scene from the original turned into a full-length live-action recreation of the first Toy Story film. And it’s flawless.

“Toy Story is one of our all time favorite movies,” Perrotta told ABC News, “and it was the first full-length computer animated feature ever, so we thought it would be cool to make the first live-action remake of the first computer animated movie.”

Two years later, the pair — now just 19 and 20 — are reaping the benefits of this exceptionally completed rendition. With the obvious praise from patient friends and family, as well as 4.3 million youtube views since the weekend, Pauley and Perrotta are living out the Internet dream. In a rare case of progressive big league online copyright policy, Pixar came along and made their meteoric rise to fame a little smoother by allowing the film to exist on YouTube with full approval, regardless of countless copyright violations.

This isn’t flying, folks! This is falling, with style.

Still Stoked

Thanks, In Focus.

Man Committed To Cause Pulls Prank: Ghost-Thru

We at the Goods aren’t too big on the drive-thru prank that’s played at the expense of the hapless fast food chain employee. We much prefer the rare joke or prank that everyone involved can appreciate. This is the seldom-seen breed we can rubber stamp with a clear conscience. Kudos, Rahat.

Thanks, Champ.

If You’re A Curious Washing Machine Geek, It’s A Super Queen

Thanks, Switzer!

Coming Soon To A Dollar Bill Near You

President Obama nominated his chief of staff Jack Lew to run the U.S. Department of the Treasury today. How is this going to hit Americans in their wallets? Well, in a number of ways, but chiefly this:

That’s Lew’s signature, which will soon be printed on the lower right-hand corner of all U.S. currency. It will surely inspire legion under-achievers who have, until this point, figured their sloppy penmanship would forever doom them to a life of quiet desperation. Thank you, sir.

Here’s your totally necessary Jack Lew signature generator.

The Animated Series

Kids, sit down for a second.

Before this wonderful age of cinema and special effects, there was a time known as the 20th century. In this century, while we still enjoyed many incredible films (no, it’s true!), the idea of “bringing a comic book to life” was dubious at best. In the decades of motion pictures made before the 2000s, not even a handful captured the magic and adventure we found on spinner racks at the corner store. This wasn’t for lack of trying, mind — the technology to make men and women jumping around in coloured spandex look cool just hadn’t been invented yet.

We did have the next best thing, though. Cartoons. Lots and lots of cartoons. The early nineties was a particularly fun time to be growing up, and since nostalgia is in, it’s easy to revisit a lot of the shows we grew up with. Batman: The Animated Series? Still incredible, perhaps even moreso with the full understanding that comes with adulthood. X-Men? Reflected the excess of comic books at the time, but still not terrible. Spider-Man? …ahem. Anyway!

What these three shows had in common regardless of overall quality were kick-ass theme songs. Call me biased, but Batman‘s still has to be the best — so iconic that the name of the show is never even mentioned. Spider-Man‘s theme was catchy as hell, its repetitious lyric no doubt sung in schoolyards by millions of kids. The X-Men theme captured both the superheroics and outcast nature of the team, with the visuals practically demanding you to pick your favourite characters. (Wolverine, duh!)

Did I mention nostalgia was in? Here’s the X-Men theme remade in stop-motion. Enjoy!

New Year / Same Motto

Goodosphere Tells A Joke/Congratulates A Girl Reporter

You know BuzzFeed for its irresistible countdowns, its perfectly in-the-now exposés, or maybe even its sometimes-indispensable long form journalism. But there’s a new reason to hit up the site (every Tuesday in some cases): Tessa Stuart.

The ace reporter (and Good Friend of the Goods) is bringing the heat at BuzzFeed’s brand-spanking-new Entertainment vertical. She’ll be crafting actual stories about our most popular media to accompany all the crack-cocaine pop posts you’ve come to know and love. So OMG LOL WTF, Tessa! Happy trails!

Here’s a joke about girl reporters told by Tessa’s number one favorite supercrush boy reporter to celebrate her new gig. Our favorite part may be when the dude capturing the television in order to upload to YouTube cracks up at the 1:20 mark.

First Friday Of 2013! Dance.