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Wednesday Is The Best Worst Death Scene

Thanks, OTM.

Biking Bad.

Christopher “Walter” Mulhern is known in the biking community as Mountain Bike Idiot. But have you ever stopped to wonder if that innocuous sounding name is covering up something much more insidious? We can only speculate, we’ll leave it to the distinguished Goodosphere readership to decide.

(Meth. It’s meth. He’s cooking meth, guys. Come on, get with the program.)

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Anarchist Lightbulbs

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My Morning Roots

They say it’s hard to give a performance worth a damn on television. The room sound is never quite captured and translated into your living room, there’s never enough time for a proper soundcheck, the acoustics of studios are always undesirable, etc. This is the reason we ended up seeing Ashlee Simpson dancing a jig on SNL instead of, you know, singing. This is the reason it’s so remarkable when someone uses the medium to his or her advantage – when someone owns it.

Remember when Kanye blew the roof off SNL with “Runaway”? For the noisy how-to, take a look at WU LYF on Letterman. Then there’s pretty much any appearance of the Boss.

A recent example is Jim James on Jimmy Fallon. The performance starts out innocuously enough: Jim standing alone in darkness, singing into his mic. You’re not expecting much. Let me know how you feel by the end of it.

Morning Meow

Thanks, Tessa.

Welcome Back, Boys

The Postal Service is back. No, not that one; those cats are still in troubled waters. The one that helped introduce electronic tones to indie rock. We’re celebrating the return of Ben and Jimmy by recalling how they could make an already great song even greater:

From Deviant Art To Rocky Movie?

Word on the street is that The Rock is trying to adapt the below image, which originated on the popular online creativity forum Deviant Art, into a movie. In the long, storied history of Hollywood, we’re sure crazier things have happened. Still, this remains a rather remarkable turn of events, especially for the good folks over at Deviant Art. Can’t wait to see the milkman cast as a watchful protectorteddy!

MC P Tells A Joke: Ashton Edition

The Dance Of The 47-Layer Dip

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