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Ultimate Good: Will Smith Throws Back To Bel-Air

We started the week with a contemporary television program reimagined as a 90s sitcom and we’re ending the week with a superstar who has moved well past his 90s sitcom learning a bit more about its lingering influence.

What could be better than Will Smith appeasing a hysterical crowd of English schoolgirls with the theme song from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? Think that’s a generational assessment? Think on this: the girls in the audience are in their early teens, which puts about a decade and a half between them and your author and a few more between them and Smith. The show is proving to be timeless. It’s official: now it belongs to the Bel-Ages.

Words To Live By

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Slip Sliding Away (In A Penthouse)

Alarm rings, feet hit the floor, butt rises only to fall smoothly onto a stainless steel slide that transports you down four stories to the first floor of your Manhattan penthouse… It sounds like a dream, but it’s an approximate reality for one couple who really nerded out and designed an 80 foot slide to fit comfortably inside their four-story home.

So the next time you—childless, filthy rich, living in one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the country—are sitting on one end of your giant dining room table wondering how to make your 7000-square-foot penthouse even better: build a slide!

Peace…It’s The Law

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The 90s Tell A Joke: Breaking Bad

The 90s brought us some killer sitcom theme songs. A few of them still rule the day. The amount of time a 22 minute television sitcom is willing to devote to setting the tone of its show with a big opening seems to have dwindled. No more montages. No more scenes suggesting the quintessence of characters. Now we get a quick title sequence and a few big names at best. Except on the Internet. On the Internet you get an alternate Breaking Bad opening a la 90s. And it’s brilliant.

Call Me A Hole (No, It’s Not What You Think)

It’s well known that we at Goodosphere love Carly Rae Jepsen’s hit Call Me Maybe, but were its themes and criticisms of materialism, wealth, and capitalism as religion a little too subtle? Just in case they went over your head, the wonderful internets created Call Me A Hole. Enjoy.


Neil deGrasse Tyson already owned the Internet, but moonwalking in front of Buzz Aldrin last week certainly didn’t make things worse:

Party In A Half Shell

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Bridging The Bay With Light

You may have noticed that we’re big fans of covering up our monumental works of architecture in LED lights. For one, the move typically saves energy. For two, it makes people happy, it makes people wonder, it makes people appreciate the possibilites. Let’s just hope they keep their eyes on the road.

The Bay Bridge, which connects San Francisco to Oakland, has been covered in a sea of LEDs as part of a celebration of the 75 years it has spent in the shadow of that other one. While the Golden Gate will still rule the daytime hours, the night will now belong to Mr. Bay. At least for the next two years.

The 1.8 mile wide and 500 foot high makeover has been declared the “world’s largest LED sculpture.” Ben Davis, the artist behind the work, says the displays will emulate the many motions of the bridge’s ecosystem — water, clouds, and passing cars. “I think it’s what art does well,” he says. “It reminds us of what’s already there.”

Fox Face

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