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Do The Hustle

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…And There’s No Crying In Space

Yesterday we brought you a tribute to the Bowie-loving, social media maven and spaceman Commander Hadfield, who has single-handedly made space exploration fun and exciting again from the (usually boring) International Space Station.

Today, we bring you one of his experiments: Can you cry in space?

Bowie’s In Space

I recently began a small, personal project for my own betterment. Exercise, a change of diet, a new charitable cause? No, I began listening to David Bowie’s oeuvre from 1967-1983 (with a couple of stops in the ’90s and a jump to 2013). I don’t just mean starting at side 1, track 1 and letting the entire discography play in the background of my daily activities — nay, I want to go down the rabbit hole. Every album is getting at least a week of rotation. We all know Bowie’s hits, but the more you hear of the man’s work the more you realize the singles cut barely skin deep and are far from the “best” his albums have to offer.

I bring this up only because that journey begins with with an album and a song called Space Oddity.

Cmdr. Chris Hadfield (social media expert, astronaut) is on a far more exciting journey, and as it came to a close this week, he made a video for us. If his voice and the song itself weren’t moving enough, the shots of our beautiful planet from the ISS and the stark, mechanical marvel of the weightless environment bring it to a whole new level. Excuse me while I wipe this lone, masculine tear from the corner of my eye.

Thank you, Cmdr. Hadfield for the work you’re doing.

Thank you for bringing humour and artistry to your job.

Thank you for reminding everyone of how important and exciting space travel still is.

And most importantly, thanks for proving to the entire world that Canadians are simply the coolest.

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Duck Dynasty

A Dutch artist by the name of Florentijn Hofman has installed a giant rubber duck in Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour. It will be there until early June, but it’d be better if it stayed forever. The 54-foot-tall waterbird has traveled to a handful of cities including Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paulo and Amsterdam. Hey, duck, check out North America!

H/T Philippe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images

The Tonight Show Sets Up A Joke That Goes Better Than It Could Have Ever Anticipated

Dance To The Beat Of Your Own Drums

Simon Panrucker has nieces.

They got drums.

They weren’t very good.

Simon Panrucker can edit video.

He is very good.

He made them sound like seasoned musicians.

The result is very good:

DRUMS from Simon Panrucker on Vimeo.

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Is It Friday Yet?

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Remember White-Out?

Remember how you used to sorta play with it sometimes? This cat takes that game to a whole new level:

Raw Data from Jake Fried on Vimeo.

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The Sax Of Life

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Goodosphere Tells A Joke For Willie Nelson’s 80th Birthday