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Double Down: It’s Better To Have Found Darondo Than Never To Have Found Darondo At All

Last week was a great week for death, which is to say a sad week for the living. We were shocked to lose Michael Hastings and James Gandolfini, and, though not as conspicuously, saddened to see Darondo go. We had only just found out about him.

It was Breaking Bad that introduced us to Darondo’s calling card single, “Didn’t I”. If you’re a stranger to the song, be strange no more:

Infectious, huh? Before the song’s resurgence gave Darondo’s career a second wind (he was booked for Bonnaroo in 2012), people really wondered about the dude. Who was he? Where was he? Why so little recorded material? It led some soul searchers to obsess, to search far and wide. One successful pursuit of the R&B crooner was documented by Studio 360. It’s worth your time — Darondo demands it.

You’ve Got Blue On You

Thanks, Sabri!

Guess We Can Retire Now

From A(ndrew) To Z(ac)

Andrew W.K. attempted to set a record last week — one of those records that’s never really been attempted or conceived of before: longest drum session inside a retail store. He said he would go for 24 hours. We dropped by to see it in progress and were pleasantly surprised to find him being accompanied by none other than Zac Hanson. Yes, that Hanson. Some 19 hours later, Andrew would somehow accomplish the uninterrupted feat. The things we do in the name of the party.

James Jokes About Fears And Phobias

And we’ll miss him a lot.

Double Down: Remixing Mr. Rogers

It’s Good to see public media using the Internets to its maximum potential For evidence, just check out those Planet Money t-shirts. They raised $500,000 for those things! That’s like, enough to cover Renee Montagne’s salary!

PBS is holding its own in all the web engagement. Its latest effort is Remixing Mr. Rogers. That may sound like blasphemy, but think about who Fred Rogers was: an endlessly enthused champion of creativity, thoughtfulness, and break dancing. He’d be into it. Especially if he were around to see how good some of the jazz his old network has released into the ether is.

Here’s the most recent:

Watch Mister Rogers Remixed: Sing Together (the B-Side) on PBS. See more from PBS Remixes.

And the slightly vintage remix of vintage Rogers:

Watch Mister Rogers Remixed – Garden of Your Mind on PBS. See more from PBS Remixes.

Good Quotations: Take It From The Spaceman

Thanks, Nim!

Good Will NSAing

Thanks for the reminder, Kurt!

Good Vending Machine: Bike Parts

Don’t Let Me Down