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Good Advice: Keep Yo Business Off Yo Facebook

Most of the Goodogang grew up in the pews of Catholicism. The rituals were somber, the mass was dry, and the guilt was as omnipresent as the deity. If we could do it all over again, we’d probably roll with a more celebratory brand of service: something where the message was a little less rigid and a lot more musical and practical. We could only hope for something like this:

Thanks, Tessa!

Peanuts + The Smiths’ Lyrics = Gold

There’s now a blog that combines Peanuts comics with The Smiths’ lyrics. We feel surprised it took this long and ashamed we didn’t think of it sooner. Kudos, This Charming Charlie.

Thanks, Jules!

Almost There

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Reading Between The Lines

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Facial Hair Funny

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Jimmy Page Is Cooler Than Your Favorite Rock Star

What You Know About Rockin’ A Wolf On Your Noggin?

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The Cake Is Out There

This video is evidence of one of the most supremely geeky creations I’ve ever seen — and I mean that in a good way. After watching it several times, I shared it with my brother, The Nimesh. He watched it, shared my amazement, and responded, “Feels like people have some really creative ideas and you have to start taking notes so you can RIP OFF ALL OF THEM.” He was referring to other wedding creativity that has hit it big on the Internet: the big entrances, bigger drummers, and staged photos. Nim’s right: the first to combine all of what’s come so far (with the requisite originality) wins the best wedding ever! Don’t forget your UFO-theremin wedding cake. And your spouse who’s game for a UFO-theremin wedding cake.

Thanks, Jules and Jesper!

Go Home Trash Can — You’re Drunk

Larry King Can Be Funny Too

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