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Happy Halloween

With help from The Simpsons and Guillermo Del Toro:

Creepy Costumes

Thanks, Alana!

Double Down: Thrift Store Art + Monsters = Better Art

Thrift stores always have art and it’s always cheap. If you’re lucky, it’s the kind of art you can hang in your house. If not, there’s always the garage, the bathroom, the dog house, or you can just dismantle and play with whatever it is you found.

Two artists have taken that last option to a great place. Chris McMahon and Thryza Segal seek out landscape paintings and sorta seamlessly (and brilliantly) add monsters into the natural environments. If this isn’t upcycling, we don’t know what is.

Thanks, Tessa!

Sesame Street Tells A Joke

This year’s most popular Halloween costume is a toss up between Walter White, Miley Cyrus, and the fox, thanks to Breaking Bad and that one song. Sesame Street made a nice little joke about the one that doesn’t involve dissolving bodies in chemicals or twerking.

Thanks, Tessa!

Marching Band Moonwalks

This is one of those investments. You see the video, you hit play, you see its length, and then you do a very hasty cost-benefit analysis: no way is this worth four to eleven minutes of my time, no way will there be a payoff that releases enough endorphins to stave off that regret, that emptiness. Wrong! These kids make magic. If you can’t enjoy the whole thing, definitely invest from 3:23 through 6:15.

Thanks, Julie!

Falcons Make For Good Radio

In which a listener calls into a sports radio program to discuss football, but is interrupted when a falcon swoops into his backyard to secure some lunch.

Thanks, Jody!

Double Down: The Grandaddy Of The GIF

We really love animated GIFs — you know, Graphics Interchange Format. This is probably our favorite one ever (of all time) because it features three things to which we’re partial: Barry, Beyoncé, and pizza. Like most things relating to the Internet, we figured GIFs had been around since the 70s or 80s, but we recently found out — in a sense — they’ve been entertaining for far longer than that.

According to the Good People over at This Is Colossal, a Belgian physicist by the name of Joseph Plateau was sharing short animations with folks some 155 years before anyone turned them into 1s and 0s. Instead of computers or flipping pages, he invented something called the Phenakistoscope:

The phenakistoscope used a spinning disc attached vertically to a handle. Arrayed around the disc’s center were a series of drawings showing phases of the animation, and cut through it were a series of equally spaced radial slits. The user would spin the disc and look through the moving slits at the disc’s reflection in a mirror. The scanning of the slits across the reflected images kept them from simply blurring together, so that the user would see a rapid succession of images that appeared to be a single moving picture.

Two extraordinary examples are featured here and many more are available at the source.

Thanks, Kurt!

Snowy’s Just Being Snowy

A Joke About British Trees

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Double Down: Dances With Chairs

On Fridays we dance, and it’s usually a goofy, fun-loving variety of movement, so we figured we’d class it up this week with Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker’s seminal “Rosas Danst Rosas,” which turns 30 this year. It has inspired countless choreographers and been ripped off by Beyonce, but still manages to be totally hypnotic:

To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the work has recently be replicated by about 1,500 people all over the world, from Shanghai to Patagonia: