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We’re Gonna Need A New Calendar

Please send calendars to:

Sean Rameswaram
160 Varick Street – 9th Floor
New York, NY 10013


Paul Rudd Yanks A Chain

Paul Rudd has been playing the same prank on Conan for nearly a decade. And it’s still great.

Get Shreddy

If it wasn’t the song of the year, it was definitely in contention. No one really saw a new Daft Punk album coming and we definitely didn’t think it would tee-off with an infectious Pharrell collaboration. On this, the last Friday of 2013, here’s a parody-tribute to ‘Get Lucky‘ that really shreds:

Laughter Is The Best (Cold) Medicine

Spotted somewhere in Minneapolis (where it’s just apocalypse cold):

Thanks, @wtfluckey.

Merry Christmas (From Iggy Pop)

That’s The Spirit

My dad’s not the merriest man I know. He’s more of the old school, emotionally caged, irritable type. But around this time of year, he really opens up. His wallet.

We’re leaving the parking lot and he’s giving the attendant some singles for her labor. We’re opening the door to yet another last-minute package arriving, and he’s handing the FedEx guy a bottle of Sauza. He’s buying gifts for the gardener, for the mail man, for the dude who comes over once a week to make sure our backyard jacuzzi still works. He doesn’t really shower his family with gifts or cards or calls, but he tries to make strangers feel the love. And every year it’s baffling and beautiful.

It’s a fun time. It’s sorta a crazed time. It can be a quiet time. You can dive in or hold off and avoid it all. But it feels so much better when you give.

A 21st Century Wish List

Great, huh? We don’t want to mislead you, though. It’s fake — the creation of a very funny man named Zach Poitras. That doesn’t make it any less funny though, does it? We hope not.

A Mad Decent Christmas

The ubiquitous songwriter-DJ Diplo and his label mates over at Mad Decent have given us the gift of a Christmas compilation to which you can dance. This is the kind of music you can get weird to while everyone else is roasting chestnuts. It’s a Good thing and there’s nothing to be but grateful for the holiday gesture. Call it a Christmas Miracle and (because it probably won’t qualify for The Christmas Miracle) throw some shapes already.

Don’t Fight The Lights

Thanks, Tessa!

The Cycle Of The Tree