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Who Wore It Better?

Today in Goodoshowdowns: it’s the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s famed Christmas tree versus the one on the chalkboard at Goodosphere headquarters. Both are fake, both were lovingly crafted by dozens of spirited revelers, and both feature historic Neapolitan angels. Only you can decide:

Not A Joke: True Facts About The Angler Fish

True Facts…” is a wonderful series that entertains while educating. But don’t rush to share it with the young ones — it’s gloriously vulgar. Here’s one of our favorites:

Thanks, Sabri!

Friday Is Bill Gates Jumping Over A Chair

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Falling For The First Time

Niagara Falls is a spectacular sight — more so if you don’t have to deal with all the casino traffic and border police. It’s hard to do, but one DJI Phantom pulled it off with an “unarmed aircraft system”. Oh, he means a “drone”. Nice to know they can produce beauty too, eh?

Thanks, Dr. Simmons!

Just Your Average Snowflake

We had our second snow of the season yesterday in New York City, which reminded me of these extraordinary close-up shots of snowflakes. They literally took my breath away a few weeks ago. One Alexey Kljatov is responsible for them, and his homemade rig with which he took them is almost as impressive as the shots themselves. Almost.

So there’s that cliche about each one of us being individual little snowflakes, right? Preciously unique and lovingly crafted? Only not. Look at that symmetry! Look at that perfection! Only something as infinitesimal and dreaded and maligned and inconsequential as snow could be so perfect. The next time you’re walking in some winter storm, rushing to get from your Point A to your Point B, be sure to take a moment to tilt your head back, open your mouth up wide, and hope a snowflake accepts you.

Becuase Pizza People Hurt Too

Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn remembers Nelson Mandela the only way it knows how:

More at Special Bored.

Jebidiah Atkinson Reviews Holiday Movies

Bird Beyond Late To Gangnam Style Party

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Double Down: Miami Gives Great Mural

The 12th Art Basel Miami Beach kicks off today. It’s pretty much the biggest contemporary art party in the Western Hemisphere. All the museums and galleries will be filled to the brim with art-lovers from all parts, but that won’t be enough. The art will spill into the streets, into pop-up galleries, open spaces, and did we mention the streets?

We spent some of last week in the Magic City and were stunned by the variety and quantity of world-class street murals — especially in the ├╝ber-cool Wynwood barrio. Here’s a terribly small sample of the stunning work:

I’m Gay

Sometimes, all you need is two simple words to strike the fear of god into…god-fearing proselytizers of His Holy Word. Those words? I’m Gay. YouTube user hitmn92, who uploaded the video, calls it the “easy and honest” way to get rid of God people knocking, ringing, buzzing on the front door. But wait until they aren’t scared of homosexuals! What will you do then, YouTube user hitmn92? What will you do then?