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Gotta Get Down

Slasher Film

Good Solution: 419.99

Colorado is nothing if not efficient. After replacing its 420 mile marker on interstate 70 one too many times, the department of transportation came up with a more permanent fix: move the marker 50 feet and mark mile 419.99 instead. Knowing those legally pot-smoking mile-high men and women, they’ll just start smoking weed a few seconds earlier. Watch out, 419.99 sign. You’re probably next.


Somewhere in Brooklyn exists this bike. It’s BeyoncĂ©’s world. We just live in it.

Thanks, Jody!

Sasheer Zamata And The Disruptive Dick

After catching lots of flack and taking part in some much-needed self-deprecation, Saturday Night Live finally found itself a black female cast member so that its two fantastic black dudes can finally put away the dresses and wigs. We look forward to seeing Sasheer Zamata on the show this weekend and hope she’s allowed to do a lot more than play the black female parts.

Thanks, Tessa!

High School Musical

The Australian psych-rock band, Tame Impala, made an unforgettable music video in 2013. It starts out as a pretty fair depiction of a familiar high school fantasy, proceeds to a glorious realization of said fantasy, and then goes to a totally unpredictable place that ties a cosmic ribbon on the initial premise.

Val Kilmer Tells It Like It Is

Thanks, Nim!

Give Me Back My Bike

“What was restored was not just the bike, but also the faith in humanity. It made me realize that for every one bad guy out there to hurt you, there are 10 good people out there to help you. Once again, I am able to appreciate the beauty of the city, instead of watching out for the stolen bike.”

— Zilong Wang, a Chinese national who came to the United States for college. Upon graduation, he biked 3,400 miles across the country without locking his steed once, only to have it stolen the second he reached his destination, San Francisco.

Then it got Gene Wilder: someone actually returned his bike.

Thanks, Johnny.

351 Days Until Christmas

Jack And Jack Play A Joke On A Jeep