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Jordin Tootoo Gives His Stick To A Really Sweet Kid

Jordin Tootoo has a reputation. He’s a hockey “enforcer‘ — a guy who goes after you if you hit one of his guys. He’s been accused of taking cheap shots, going after goalies, and just about any other offensive crime you could commit on the ice. Still, you can’t help but love this moment:

Thanks, Nim!

Good Poem: We Made Personal Space

April is National Poetry Month. National Poetry Month is almost over. This is the best poem we’ve seen all National Poetry Month. It was written during National Poetry Month by a first grader in New York City:

Thanks, Amy!

Key & Peele Tell A Joke: Obama – The College Years

With So Much Brian In The L.B.C.

It’s Friday. We’re dancing. Oddly enough, we’re dancing to Brian Williams.

Lil’ Batman Finds His Way

Goodobro, The Nimesh, proves his worth as a filmmaker (or at least a trailer-maker) with this sneak peek of his Lil’ Batmasterpiece:

Lil Batman Finds His Way from Nimesh on Vimeo.

Werner Herzog Is A Golden God

I’ve been cheating on Goodosphere recently — writing daily blog posts for Sideshow, a new pop culture project at Studio 360. While drawing from my mental archives for a Colbert post (he appeared on Letterman last night), I recalled my favorite interview he’s ever had on his Comedy Central show. It was with Werner Herzog, and I’ve personally transcribed the best and final exchange:

Colbert: You’ve caught some flack for your documentaries, because you sometimes make stuff up, or you say “intensify.”

Herzog: Well, in Cave of Forgotten Dreams, there’s a post-script and all of a sudden you see radioactive albino crocodiles in the film. I called the producer when I was shooting and he was in a pet store in Vancouver and had just had bought a cage for a hamster. And he said, “I just bought a cage of a hamster.” And I said, “I’m filming albino mutant crocodiles.” And I hear this clatter. He dropped the cage and said, “You are shooting WHAT?!” And I said, “I’m shooting albino crocodiles and they will be in the film.” So it’s a wild post-script, a wild science-fiction fantasy at the end.

I want the audience with me in wild fantasies – in something that illuminates them. You see, if I were only fact based, the book of books in literature would be the Manhattan phone directory. Four million entries, everything correct, but it dusts out of my ears and I do not know: do they dream at night? Does Mr. Jonathan Smith cry in his pillow at night? We do not know anything when we check all the correct entries in the phone directory. I’m not this kind of a filmmaker.

A Real Man Sits

Just ask the Tripper Bus from New York to DC!

To Be A Rock And Not To Roll

When the Sex Pistols were invited to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony in 1996, they unceremoniously passed with a hand-written letter penned by Johnny Rotten. It’s pretty funny and totally rock and roll:


Bodega Cats In Their Own Words

Yes, there was basketball, there was public radio, but the best March Madness bracket may have been WNYC’s Bodega Cat Bracket. (Is there a bracket bracket yet? Probably, but it’s hard to Google. WNYC’s Bodega Cat Bracket would win.) It may have inspired a really great song, and now, the video: Bodega Cats In Their Own Words, or maybe the voices of their bodega owners:

You Had Me At Hello

Chromeo has a lot of friends in the right places. When the duo’s working on a new album, a lot of those friends seem to drop by, including Vampire Weekend’s Ezra Koenig. The result is ‘Ezra’s Interlude’ and proof that you want this man to work on any of your future interludes: