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French Attitudes Toward Sex Are Just As French As You’d Think

How open are people about their extramarital setups? In the U.S., you’ll hear people refer to “open relationships,” but it can feel a bit all-or-nothing. People do have unspoken arrangements, but lying is often considered worse than the cheating.

For us, I think it’s just pragmatic. We don’t necessarily talk about it, but after a certain amount of time that you spend with someone, of course the passion is not going to last. And so there will simply be two sides of your life. There is a culture of secrets — perhaps that’s related to Catholicism, actually — and it’s part of normal life.

The boyfriend I have now is Danish, and it’s so important for him that we promise to be faithful for the rest of our lives. And though I’m not at all unfaithful at the moment, I want the possibility in five or ten or 15 years to have something that belongs to me. It’s a privacy issue. I don’t want my boyfriend involved in something romantic or sexual that I might have on the side! It’s my life. I think in France we share a lot of things, but in the end, well, you die alone. It’s not a betrayal because sex doesn’t have consequences. Why worry about a crime without a victim?

I’m fine with monogamy, as long as there are some holes. I think it’s wonderful to spend a long time with someone and know he is always going to be there for you and push your wheelchair when you’re old, but you have only one life, and sometimes sex is important. When I’ve been unfaithful in the past, it’s because it was beautiful, it could be just a one-night thing — but if I didn’t do it, I would have had regrets. I would feel less sexy, and my commitment starts to become a prison and not a positive choice in my life.

–French GQ columnist Maïa Mazaurette in an interview with New York sex columnist Maureen O’Connor

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Jimmy Carter And The UFO

Open For Business

The Washington Monument reopens today after years of repairs following a 2011 earthquake.

(photo: Nico Bromide)

Have You Seen This Dog?

If so, call 661-600-6550.

Parents Just Don’t Understand

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Good Quotations: Stipe On Nirvana

“Nirvana defined a movement for outsiders: for the fags, for the fat girls, for the broken toys, the shy nerds, the goth kids from Tennessee and Kentucky, for the rockers and the awkward, for the fed-up, the too-smart kids, and the bullied.”

-Michael Stipe sure knows how to induct. Read Sarah Larson’s write-up of this year’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in the New Yorker if you haven’t already. It’s the most powerful play-by-play of an awards ceremony you’ll ever come across.

They Spinning

There’s pen spinning, and then there’s this:

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¡Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Vinnie’s Pizza in Brooklyn spent 12 bucks on its Cinco de Mayo joke. Money well spent, if you ask me.

Mutual Benefit’s Hopefulness Is Contagious