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Chris O’Dowd Is The Best Loser

Thanks, Alana!

Roland Garros Dance-Off

Tennis can be crazy fun when you least expect it, like when there’s a rain delay:

Go Kings Go!

Goodosphere loves the Kings, but the Rangers haven’t played for the Stanley Cup in 20 years. New York hasn’t played Los Angeles in the finals of anything significant in 30 years. This is a good time to love hockey.

It’s Commencement Speech Season

And the best one we’ve seen this year was short and sweet (and given by a pre-schooler):

Unfinished Scripts

UCB performer and NYC comedy writer Gavin Speiller is the man behind “Unfinished Scripts” — a twitter account that posts mash-ups of familiar movie concepts. What’s great about it is that Gavin never has to see any of his bizarre ideas through because he only writes the first page of his screenplays.

Listen to Sideshow’s interview, complete with radio dramatizations:

Romancing LeBron

This week begins the NBA finals between the Heat and the Spurs, which means we won’t be seeing any more of these:

Thanks, Jody!