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Ras Trent

Some weird white reggae is currently atop the singles charts. This white reggae song is much better and infinitely more self-aware:

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New York City’s Finest Choke Artists

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There’s one item you can find in most restaurants from New York to California: a poster telling you how to save someone who’s choking. Though required by law in many states, those simple instructions tend to fade into the wallpaper. New York City’s official poster was designed by Steve Duenes, the graphics director of The New York Times. It clearly lists the steps of how to perform the Heimlich maneuver next to greyscale illustrations of a couple going through the motions.

The new posters run the gamut in theme and style. There’s Alex Holden’s Cuban cocktail lounge version in pen and ink and Lara Antal’s graphic novel-style romance. The posters are eye-catching, funny ways teach people what to do in an emergency. The catch: they’re not entirely legal.

And Bea Arthur giving the Heimlich to a unicorn? Justin O’Malley’s crazy version may be a step too far. “Having worked in a restaurant, [the poster] is important to have because you panic,” says Lara Antal. “It would be nice if you look at something and it doesn’t induce more panic.”

Duenes isn’t sold on the more adventurous interpretations, either. “I haven’t conducted any research,” he admits, “but it seems unlikely that people would be so engaged by a comic-style choking poster that they will make their way through the whole thing and know what to do in an emergency.” Still, even Duenes’ official version features a little joke. That choking victim is a friend of his – just don’t ask him to reveal who it is.

Wedding Season

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Yawp For Robin

You don’t realize how much of a national treasure someone like Robin Williams is until he’s gone. So many memories: the man and all his most celebrated characters, from John to Sean to Genie to Jumanji, felt like family.

Do You Like Jokes?

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Until The Cows Come Home

Lorde’s “Royals” has been infectious for over a year now. In that spin around the sun the Kiwi has played her hit for Ellen, Fallon, and at the Grammys. It’s also been used to sell cell phones, New York city’s mayor, and been covered just about every way imaginable. Except this: we hadn’t yet seen it used to horde cattle. Until now.

Good Question: Soy Milk

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John Oliver Is Great Britain’s Greatest American

John Oliver is doing his darndest to get you to care about your government, India’s democracy, native advertising, and the list goes on. If you can get past the way he pronounces guacamole, there’s nothing more worthy of your views on the tubes.

Sri Lankan Batman

The Goods took a little vacation this summer — hence the radio silence for much of July. We skipped town for a wedding in Sri Lanka. While there, many a curry was had, many a family member was visited, but nary a Sri Lankan Batman was encountered. That’s because he was stateside, watching over the Americas while we took a break. He’s not the hero Goodosphere deserves, but he’s the one we need right now.

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How To Joke On Twitter

You know it was the real deal because the conversation has been deleted:

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