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You Gotta Start Somewhere

Goodosphere Tells A Joke: Punk Rockers Do Housework

Thanks, Darren!

A Song For Your Friday. Happy Friday.

Christoph Niemann Draws His Instagrams

Christoph Niemann makes lots of great visual art. He used to work mostly for places like the New Yorker and the New York Times, but lately, he’s been making lots of great stuff for his followers on Instagram and Twitter where he posts as Abstract Sunday. He’s probably one of the most exciting visual artists working with the interwebs today and I got to talk to him. Hope you’ll listen:

Long Live The King

We already loved Blank on Blank, but here’s another reminder why: David Gerlach and Patrick Smith unearthed a wonderfully candid 1980 interview in which King of Pop uses his teenage sister Janet as a go-between for the interviewer, John Pidgeon. The results might melt your heart.

Santa Cruz, CA In One Carwash

Some Jokes Are Harder Than Others

Throwing Soccer Shapes

Noticed on Wednesday that there were three sports-related posts in a row this week. Figured it’d be best to stretch it until Friday, when we usually dance, but this dude has got killer moves, so it works out.

Thanks, Jody!

The Tables Turn

Whip Your Colleagues Wednesday

Tennis season is over. Calendar summer is coming to an end. Back to work. If you can’t hang (or if you’ve ever wanted to gently pelt your co-workers with forehands), this is the video for you: