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The Sky Began To Scream

Happy Halloween! Here’s a spooky short film made by Goodobro Nimesh Rameswaram to celebrate!

I Was Present Day Aziz Ansari For 2nd Grade Halloween


All Sorts of Baditude

Radio Ira VS Real Ira

A SUPER candid interview with Ira Glass in which he talks about:

—looking up to Howard Stern
—admiring Rush Limbaugh
—feeding his dog kangaroo meat
—radio crushes

It’s The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year

Return Of The Goats, Guys

Kutiman Makes Music Thru You(Tube)

Kutiman started mashing-up YouTube musicians almost accidentally. But the result changed the course of his life. Find out how he samples and layers the original music of YouTube (and keeps it from feeling like a gimmick) in the latest sideshow podcast:

Do You Take This Bane?

Apparently the filming of The Dark Knight Rises briefly abutted a wedding. Instead of derailing it, the cast and crew did their best to make it memorable for all parties involved. This kindness resulted in a wonderful photo. His name is Bane.

The Results Are Uncanny

Chris Jones made Ed, and Ed is still just a head, but what a head! Can’t wait to see how the rest of him turns out.

Thanks, Eric!

‘Tis The Season

Thanks, Slade.