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Killer Mike Cries For Michael Brown

Killer Mike mourned a Less Perfect Union before the Run the Jewels show in St. Louis on Monday. He mourned Michael Brown. But he’s not giving up. And no one ever should.

Great Hair


Fun With Flatulence

Serial is pretty good but my favorite new podcast is “Joe’s Joke Joint” — a really short series of jokes hosted by a lady person who is clearly not named Joe. Episode 6 features friend of the Goods, Nick Fountain:

T-Pain Meets T-Desk

“This is weird as hell for me.”

That’s how T-Pain, the undisputed King of Auto-Tune, started his Tiny Desk Concert at NPR. Pain sits in front of the now-famous bookshelf with nothing more than a keyboardist. “I know everyone is wondering where the Auto-Tune is going to come from,” he jokes. “I got it right here in my pocket.” Turns out he doesn’t. And he never needed it.

When Moms And Their Sons Meet On Facebook

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Started From The Bottom

Drake is a big deal. And he undeniably uses his status to elevate that of his home and native land, Toronto, Canada. Toronto is known for a lot of great things, but as of late, the success of its many professional sports teams hasn’t been one of them.

The Toronto Raptors’ mascot, “Raptor” is an exception. Raptor is revered throughout the NBA, and as Grantland explained last year, is basically the toast of the annual NBA mascot meeting, which is a real thing. That’s why this vine is so special. Two of Toronto’s finest meeting in the recesses of the Air Canada Centre. And yes, it’s also delightfully silly looking.

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Minimalist Ceiling Fan

Leslie Jones On Crazy Bitches

Leslie Jones is the newest cast member of Saturday Night Live, and she’s quickly becoming the show’s most exciting, unpredictable, and funniest commentator:

Wild Heart

If you haven’t heard Stevie Nicks sing while someone tries to apply make-up to her face, you’re missing out.

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Must. Befriend. Youngster.