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Kanye’s Runaway

Remember that one time Kanye did pop music a huge favor by taking the MTV Music Video Awards super seriously? That was great, man.

The 17-Year-Old Who Would Be King (Of Instagram)

Humza Deas is a 17-year-old from Brooklyn with less than two years of photography experience and over 100,000 followers on Instagram. Find out how he became one of New York City’s most popular photographers (and favorite daredevils) in the latest sideshow podcast:

Find A Goat. Befriend.

Beating The Blizzard Blues

WNYC’s Stephen Nessen captured this amazing photo of a 5-year-old in New York who was in awfully good spirits last night considering he had been sitting in a cart while his family pulled him through a blizzard due to subway closures. Kids: we need them to continue.

Time To Freak Out About The Weather!

Down 4 So Long

You know how some songs about being bummed actually make you feel better? This is definitely one of those:


Navigating the digital ecosystem can be challenging, but now we have a handmade wooden puppet to serve as our guide. In British animator Doug Hindson’s two-and-a-half minute short, a nameless, faceless avatar asks the tough questions: How long before this kid is summing up his life in 140 characters? We won’t end up like that couple (that doesn’t speak at dinner), will we? Shouldn’t I be doing something more meaningful with my time?

The puppet comes up with some decent answers, too.

Mr. Secretary

What you missed if you missed last night’s State of the Union:

Thanks, Tessa!

Garbage Day!

Thanks, Kelly!

Martin Had A Dream

Thanks, Jules!