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Hustling Hustling Hustling

Thanks, Roshen!

Seth Rogen + BNL = LOL

just imagine if Seth Rogen replaced Steven Page in Barenaked Ladies. Just imagine.

Kanye Didn’t Win Any Grammys

But Kanye definitely won the Grammys when he briefly stormed the stage after Beck upset Beyoncé to win Album of the Year. It was hilarious, and honest, and just. It was nice to see Beck get an award from Prince (especially after years of listening to Midnite Vultures), but we all know Beyoncé dropped one of the greatest albums of all time. Oh, and Beyoncé husband’s reaction is priceless. Thanks, Mr. West.

It’s Been A Week Now…

…and I’ve decided “FourFiveSeconds” is good. It’s pop artifact.

How often does one of the most popular pop stars in the world get in a room with the most interesting rapper of a generation? How often do the two of them invite the second-most beloved living Beatle? How often do they all wear matching denim? Never. Okay, once.

The Simpsons In Low-D

The Simpsons have had countless memorable couch gags over the show’s 26 years, including guest appearances by Banksy and Guillermo del Toro. This week, we got an unofficial (but totally great) low-fi pixelated version of the show’s classic opening credits thanks to Australian superfans Paul Robertson and Ivan Dixon. The music, by Jeremy Dower, is equally low-fi and fun.

Curb Your Emojiasm

Earlier this year we got — a site where you can use emojis to paint on a blank canvas. It took all of a week for a rapper named Yung Jake to start using it to paint bizarrely on point celebrity portraits:

You Thing It’s Going To Be One Way

But it’s the other way:

Thanks, Ma!

Super Bowel Sunday