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The First And Final Frames

You can learn a lot about a movie by watching its first frames next to its final frames (how much thought goes into the two, for starters). A guy named Jacob T. Swinney juxtaposed a bunch of them for us in a nice five minute short, from Boyhood to The Master to 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Let’s hope this is the first installment in a long-running franchise:

Bale Bondsman

Genial Johnny

Johnny Simmons, the radio gods’ gift to Morning Edition, is retiring today after over twenty years as local host at KUSP in Santa Cruz, CA. I was lucky enough to share an office with the man for a little under two years. It was like journalism school, except they were paying me. A little. Thanks for everything, Genial. Anyone who ever heard you on the air will miss you. Bow down, bitches.

Today is Johnny’s final day on the job and the end of an era. Do your ears a favor and listen from 5-9 Pacific!

Half And Half

Al Madrigal has been The Daily Show‘s “Senior Latino Correspondent” for years. In his funny new documentary, Half Like Me, he travels across the United States and Mexico to explore his ambivalence with that ethnic identity. Along the way, Madrigal discovers that he can’t really pronounce his own name. He also discovers that he doesn’t really care.

Hear Al’s discuss the documentary, The Daily Show, and the art of the satirical interview on the latest sideshow podcast:

Golden Years

I just turned 30, but this photo has me looking forward to 70:

Thanks, Chappell!

Frisbees Knees

A video posted by Simon Lizotte (@simon_lizotte) on

Thanks, Jody!

The Batmens

Reddit is a lot of things, including a place to pitch movies, apparently. This week, a user named Satanslittlewizard pitched a far-fetched idea for an epic Batman movie. But knowing Warner Brothers’ reliance on Batty, it’s not actually all that far from the realm of possibility.

Dance Movie, Dance

Whenever I see a dance scene in a movie, I know they’re playing with my emotions, but I usually give in anyway. This week we got a supercut to pay tribute to some of the more unforgettable such scenes from a YouTube user named MsTabularasa. It’s three minutes and 20 seconds from from the original Footloose, the re-make of Footloose, The Breakfast Club, Mary Poppins, Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder, Tom Hanks in Big, and about 100 more. It’s Friday. Dance.

Miss You Love

I Was Running Through Forrest With My WOES

Thanks, Joe!